Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shinkansen to Kyoto/Osaka

D and I headed to Osaka on the Shinkansen Nozomi Bullet Train.
It was fun.
It was hell annoying to do with 4 suitcases. We managed though.
Here is the train.
How spacey.
How rubbish do our trains look in comparison?

Can you see how fast we were going by the window? Probably not.
I think it goes around 300km/ph.
It made me feel so sick. My ears were blocking and my head was feeling the pressure.
I'm the biggest travel suck. I always get sick. But this time D got sick too and he never feels travel sickness!

I'm wearing a leopard print tee I got from Zara. You can tell I was sick because I was wearing a tshirt in freezing weather. I felt so hot and sick. Ughhhhh!
I even took several trips to the toilet to vommy but nothing came out.
Weird huh?!

The lady came around with her food/drinks trolley and we bought these snacks.
I dunno WHAT the hell Grand Canyon flavour is, but I know I don't want to try it.
I imagine dust and dirt. It's probably smokey BBQ flavour. I dunno. That was Ds choice.

We arrived at ShinOsaka and got a cab to the hotel.
We stayed in the Japanese suite at the Ritz Carlton Osaka.
It was nice and suprisingly very affordable. ( well compared to the crazy tokyo prices)
Ds boof head got in the way of my photo. He does this A LOT. Thnxhun.

Here are lots of photos. Japaneseeeeeyyyyyyyy Hahahha.
It gave me flash backs of my early teen years doing home stay in Japan.

The suite had so many different rooms and areas. It was kind of difficult to photograph it all.

I have NO IDEA what the hell this was!!
Can anyone help out? It's a tap on top of a bamboo slat. I thought it could be for foot washing but it wasn't near the entrance so I'm really at a loss.

I think we were on the 28th floor and you could open all the windows fully out!
I got so nervous. Stayed well away. Can you imagine the wind at that height?
I was scared if I opened the windows that the air pressure would suck me out or something.
I think the windows were there because the room was a smoking room.
It didn't smell like smoke though.
I was suprised to see it was smoking because you could imagine that the tatami mats would absorb the cigarette smell??? Imagine if they dropped a cigarette on the matts or into the walls or something?!?

Tea time!

So cool!
Wish we had more time here :(

This bathroom is exactly like my host family's in Japan!
It was memory lane for me.
I sat on the thing and used the tub to shower. Haha so funny. I like sitting down showers.
It requires less effort.
If there is one thing I like, It's being lazy in the morning. Woooooo.

Some cute little art work on the walls..

Here I am emailing a friend K. Hello !!
How funny is my Yukata?
It's so corny to dress up in the yukatas they provide.

At night they came and made our futons. So cute yeah?
We pushed them together.
Maybe they thought we were brother and sister. EW.
I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep well on the futon. I remembered that I liked it back in the day, but I'm no spring chicken anymore.
It ended up being very comfortable though.

Cheesy Photo time!!
How funny is this photo?
"Hey ma!"
Just like Cletus from the Simpsons.

And that is it.

Oyasumi Nasai!!


  1. cottonsocks,
    poor girl! getting sick on the shinkansen. but the nozomi goes really fast! once we travelled from Hiroshima to Kyoto and I felt sick afterwards. I believed it was due to the history of Hiroshima. Maybe it was also the train.

    Don't you think this is quite funny: how the Japanese build modern hotels which look old inside? Like the tatami-rooms with wooden ceilings.
    I love the fluffy duvets. Heaven!

    It is really nice reading how much you two enjoy Japan.

    say, did you ever post on the subject of your job? or are you still studying? I would love to read how you spend your time!

  2. I loved these photos. How clean and fancy and modern was that train? I want Grand Canyon flavoured food NOW. That bathroom was about the size of my house. I really want to visit Japan. Keep up the good work xxxx PS were you emailing me?

  3. Gosh your good at this blogging caper CS. What a wonderfully informative and visually stimulating post. I want to go to the Ritz Carlton and stay in this suite! It looked utterly amazing and very zen.
    I would love to go to Japan simply based on you sharing your fantastic trip with us.

  4. Oh, you poor thing! I get all sorts of motion sickness on trains and cars, I can never read or do anything interesting.

    I think the Maglev train in Shanghai is similar, it goes at like 450km/hr or something crazy. That one didn't make me sick though, but it was a bit like being on one of those zero-gravity show rides.

    That Ritz-Carlton looks great, but the fully-functional windows would have totally freaked me out too.

  5. Dope lady. H and I are interested in doing a home stay style thingy for a few nights when we go thurr. I hope we can, I hope it's not awkward. Next time ask your dr for a script of Maxalon to take with you, it will fix you toot sweet. I do not travel without Maxalon and Imodium - from AU. I never know what I'm getting in asia. xo

  6. I am so jealous of your trip to Japan!! It looks so beautiful I have always wanted to go. I watched Lost in Translation the other day and it made me want to go so bad!
    Poor thing getting sick on the train - I too would probably go green!

  7. How fun is the Shinkansen?! It made me feel sick too, it's so fast! But the soft rocking side to side made me sleepy, so there you go! haha

    Also, how AWESOME is Pocari Sweat!! Ahhh thats all I drink when I visit Japan, and tea of course. I even have a Pocari Sweat tee. They were giving them out a festival in Osaka I went to.


  8. Love your posts about Japan, it's making me envious!

    but poor you getting sick on the train :(

  9. OMG, lovely husband wants to go on that train, but I am terrified of motion sickness. Looks like my fear is well founded.

    That hotel looks gorgeous! How long did you stay? (Did you say that in your post already?)

  10. FF - The train was like an airplane! mental !
    yes i was emailing you! haha. good guess! :)

    KateB - thank you! i love travel blogging. i think my main passion in life is traveling!

    Mez - I have some imodium! From when i had food poisoning. I will try and find it and remember it for traveling.

    Sammy - I got poccari sweat from 7-11 the other day!! but its got some english name now! look out for it!

    SoC/PF - We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights.
    but kinda more like 2 days cuz we left for the airport in the morning on the 3rd day.
    We stayed in tokyo for 7-8 nights. D is FIFO so all our holidays are usually around 9 days.

  11. Gosh! I love seeing these photos from Japan- it's such a beautiful country!


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