Monday, May 24, 2010

nail polish and dancing.

Here are the nail polishes I got in changi duty free! Apart from the "particulere" which I found in Tokyo. Had to get a spare one incase something happened to my original one. Haha. I know that sounds crazy.

They were so cheap at Changi. I think around $22 each. I stocked up. It's easy to go into a frenzy whilst duty free shopping. The possibility of a bargain takes over and you lose all sense of rationality.
On the upside, I think I have my winter nail polish colours down pat.
I think my favourite is "Fire" right now.
It's just a nice red.

We went out on Saturday night for a friends Birthday! Woo.
Here is what I wore on the left and D's lovely outfit on the right. He always "makes fun" of me and my blog photos but really, I think he loves it. You can tell by this photo he is loving every second of being a model. Hahahaha!!

You can also see my new lamp that I tweeted about earlier last week!!!
YAY! It's a Kartell Bourgie lamp that I got from Space.
I want everything in that shop. At 90% off or free. Either one.

Don't worry. I pulled my skirt down before we went out. I'm sure it did. It looks WAY too short here.
Anyway, I wore
Sass & bide tshirt
Sass & Bide harness ( that I ripped off another top)
Topshop skirt
Nine West boots ( so old! so comfy!)
Hermes cuff

Gahhh I wish my hair would stop being so straight from the Global Keratin treatment I did. I can't handle having dead straight hair all the time.

How was everyones weekends? I got sick on Saturday night. Either the flu or something with flu like symptons.
Sore throat, blocked/runny nose, muscles ache
I felt like balls yesterday but today I'm much worse.
I am taking all the tablets and teas and what not so I'm hoping to be up and running by tomorrow. I will keep telling myself that.

Now I am off to catch up on all your blogs that I love so much !
Have a lovely Monday night everyone :)


  1. Great nailpolishes! Love them all

  2. hope you feel better soon!! the flu is so tedious!

    looooooooove the nail varnishes that you chose :)
    i'm going between blue satin and vendetta at the moment (got those in new york, such good souvenirs!), but i'm trying to find a good neutral! what do you recommend ?

  3. ruby slippers-
    do you mean neutral like a browny pink kind of colour?
    i always seem to go between black and red. haha
    not too adventurous!
    i did go outside the box with particulere though!

  4. yeah like a skin colour-y, taupe-y kind of colour...
    although, maybe that's a bit too grown-up lol
    red and blacks are my favourite too :)
    particulere looks like a good one and i want to try elephante, but i don't think it's around anymore :(

  5. I have a backup of my favourite Dior red nail polish, I bought it YEARS ago when I worked in a pharmacy that sold Dior. Sigh, it's starting to go gluggy... backup and the first bottle. It's only ever broken out a few times a year because I love it so much.

    We will stop talking about this now, it's making me sad.

    Your skirt's short girl! But it looks good, you can carry it off.

  6. Love the lamp! One of my best friends works at space and can get discounts! I love everything in there....I want the marble horse! I live in st kilda btw....! Imagine if we were neighbours!

  7. Get well soon, cotton socks.

    Excellent chanel haul. Loving the range of colours, not to mention names of shades.

    SSG xxx

  8. Looking lovely! Hope you feel better, the flu is so unglamorous! Lots of comfort food and vegging out required.

    Rouge Noir is one of my favourite Chanel shades, and Lotus Rouge is gorgeous too. I might need to investigate Fire, it looks awfully similar to OPI's A Oui Bit of Red (which incidentally is on my nails at the moment).

  9. Love the nail polishes!!!!!!!! Excellent colours. Love the natural poses and the lamp. We went to Space too. The prices are Criminal.

  10. LOVE the nail polishes! Wish I stocked up on more cosmetica... next trip im going to remember the nail polishes! (i am always only thinking of YSL volume mascara + skincare!)

    Wish I could pull off a short skirt like that! ahaha. Lamp is awesome. I walk past Space often, i want so many things!!!

    I need to know more about keratin treatment. My hair is actually VILE. SOOOO damaged, feral straggly mess... from the back it's yuck yuck due to the top layer all being so broken. This chick tried to talk me into it when i did my make up trial, but i thought 'better the devil you know' than the hair devil you don't! how do u feel about it?

  11. I'd be most scared about limp, oily hair.. does it go like that easier than usual??

  12. whoa this nail polishes are so great! and i have to say love your blog! and the photos of food you post always make me hungry :)

  13. I LOVE particuliere, so beautiful and I keep seeing the colour everywhere- Vera Wang homeware, bed spreads and even my cat has particuliere colouring!! xx

  14. You outfit is the balls. I love the S&B harness.
    I know you are anti-straight hair but it suits you 'fo sure. It's so full and shiny...hmmm creepy much? Ha.

    Hope you feel better soon - everyone is sick at my work - it is like a hotbed incubator of disease. urrrrr.

  15. Love the dark blue.. my fav!! Gorgeous colours! :)

    FP xX

  16. cottonsocks, you look hot! wow!!

  17. ahah when you dance it rises naturally! as long as u fix it its fine! anyway cute dance poseee hehe and u reminded me to go shopping for some new chanel colours :D

  18. You have 505 i have been looking for that...

    I want one...have a great day - SP

  19. Just came across your blog and I must say, I adore it. Your chanel is just so divine! I took photos of my nail polish the other day too, I love how they look in photos!
    just started following x

  20. Looks like we have the exact same taste in nail polish )
    I have them as well:)

    Love the 505 has been super hard to get in Norway, and i have been one 2 waitinglists:)

    Have e glorious day - SP


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