Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Love

Here is my loveeeeeeeeeeeee.
Taco. He he!!
She is a 3.5 yo chihuahua. I don't know what I would do without her. She makes me so happy.
She doesn't like photos so much. Or maybe it's just photos with me. Haha she looks like she is thinking "Muuummmaaa leave meeee alloooonnneee"
But before I picked her up she was crying at my feet for ages.
You can't win sometimes with dogs.
Pick up, put down, pick up, put down. Ahhhh!!

Atleast she likes my new Willow jacket/dress thing. I will take some better photos of it next week.

Taco aka Nini bee likes to play with water bottle lids. She wont share.

She also loves sleeping, walkies and shmackos.
Tell me about your pets!
I loveeeee pets!


  1. i must say she's really cute =) yeah i know i haven't been writing my blog in english but i want to change it. the newest note is in english too =) hope you will visit my blog again in future ;)

  2. She is absolutely adorable.
    I have a kitty called Tiger who is slighly crazy. She likes to sit under my glass coffee table and stare at the room for hours. Strange. She got into a fight with another cat and got her toungue ripped in half. The vet fixed it, but now it constantly hangs out of the corner of her mouth which makes her look a little cooo-cooo. She lives with my parents in Cairns now because she wasn't suited to apartment living. i miss her so much <3

  3. awww Taco!!! love the name :)

    She is adorable!!

    I have 2 dogs, Penny Lane (Boston Terrier) & Missy, but she gets called Minnie (Black Pug)

    They are the icing on my cake, they make me laugh every single day and have such personality and are extremely cute to boot! :)

  4. I have a cat named Homer. He basically eats and sleeps. He also has a fetish for jumping on tables ( dinner tables, coffee tables ) and eating off your plate. You could be standing there screaming your head off and he will just look at you and keep on eating! Homer, is quite old nonetheless he is 18 years old, people have told me thats quite old for a cat. I did have another one called Sylvester, he was an English short hair, but he had cancer and had to be put down. Homer and Sylvester were best friends. I know Homer misses him alot :(

  5. my baby's name is Rocky but he is also known as noofy noof, rocky road, mutley, pumpkin pie ... the list goes on. I often wonder if when I have a real baby if I could possibly love it more than I love him. Check him out on my blog!

  6. naww what a cutie pie! I don't have any pets, I've got allergies...

    It sucks that I can't comment on your blog with my wordpress account! So many post I wish I could comment on! (like the blue satin nail polish! I love that shade so much!)

  7. Baahahaahhaahaaaa Mooks loves water bottle lids, beer bottle lids and goes SPASTIC over toilet paper rolls.

    ..... I have SHIT letters at the moment in our game.....

  8. Awwww, she's adorable! :]

    I've got a 10-12 year old (we forget now) black Labrador x spaniel, or so we think. We got him from the shelter when he was 6 months already christened with the name Blackie.

    He used to be fit and loved to chase tennis balls but now he sleeps all day and resembles a small cow. But he absolutely loves everybody. :] He'll sit on your foot and just look at you until you pat him.

  9. I wanted to buy this top!!! Cant wait to see it's own outfit post!!!

  10. she's so adorable! i wish i had a pet but my parents aren't very dog friendly though hah.

  11. Aww she's so cute! I have a two year old silk terrier named Delilah. She loves stealing our toilet rolls and is obsessed with cuddling my bf. He is the love of her life :)

    I work from home, so I'd be pretty lonely without Deli to keep me company.

  12. Cute cute cute puppy! I really wanted a dog but my house doesn't have a backyard haha..

  13. That first pic is a adorable!!!! I'd like to have a pet dog (Japanese Spitz) when we move into our new house but if the boy gets it his way, we'll be getting a British Shorthair kitty instead! Either way I'll be stoked that I finally get to have a pet!


  14. cute dog :0 i love dogs, but unfortunately i cannot have any, because i wouldn't have time to take care of them...

  15. cutest freaking dog ever.
    mine is pretty good looking but has the worst temper, he'll come over for a scratch and then when he's had enough he'll start growling.

  16. How cute is she! What an adorably doggy.

  17. I loved reading about all your pets!!!
    I wish so badly that you could include photos with your comments!!!
    i am pet crazy!!

  18. I am hopelessly obsessed with animals...I have 3 furkids and that STILL is no where near enough!! LOL

    Your little Taco is such a delight, those photos are totally gorge btw!!

    Do you find it SO hard leaving her when you travel?? I pine for my little Boston Terrier Monty whenever I go away.

  19. loving that top.
    and your pup is adorable.


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