Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Happy Holidays everyone.
I am so sick at home BLERUUGHH.
But then i remembered i had a digi cam and can take some random picas and make a bloggy.
lets hope i don't pass out by the end.
it may take a while. i am delirious and dizzy eyed.

okay. that made me feel ill and i had to have a lay down.

so here are the photos i took this arvo.

my puppies say merry xmas. kind of. HA

and here is my xmas tree that is still up. i have been too ill to take it down.
wah. i will hopefully do it this weekend.

Hello Kitty says Hi.

left over presents for perth peeps that i am yet to see.

 hello little teddy bear. how cute are you? i got this one from myer.

D bought us this lamp. Isn't it the best?
Do you like how i embrace the asian way of covering electrical cords with fake flowers?
I know you do.

god my head hurts.
i haven't eaten since friday. i had a  few crackers last night and it hurt a lot.
i want out.

i see on the news now there are some bush fire issues in NSW.
thats so horrible :(

is everyone on a health kick for the new year?
i wish i could say I'm on a fat kick but I've got so out of control with the eating since the wedding.
in order to be healthy, i ordered skin care from strawberry net.
this is way easier than eating good or exercising.
the post man came this morning at 7am banging like a mad man and yelling " HELLOOOO"
i didn't answer because
a. im sick as and it was 7am and i was in bed
b. don't know if I'm contagious still

he stayed for about 5 minutes while the dogs went ballistic. how weird.
and now i got a note saying i have to pick it up at a post office 3 suburbs away.
balls because i can't

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