Monday, June 6, 2011

Bali again

In Bali Tie Dye is necessary.
F and I hunted these bad boys down and wore matching tshirts to breakfast to be like an asian couple.
So many couples and families were all dressed matching and we had to join in the fun.
Except, no one else found it funny like we did.
People looked at us weird.
Our driver and butler thought we were crazy.
I wish I had a driver and butler in Australia.

D and I looked at this chapel to get married in but the lady said that even with the air con on, it gets warm in there with the afternoon sun.
I decided against it because I dont want to be hot and sweaty in my photos.
That'd be yuck.
Plus I don't want guests feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

I miss my random breakfasts at the buffet.
Here I have a banana fritter, pancakes, some boiled snakefruit, pancakes, almond pastry, weird green rice cake which I love, macadamia nuts and strawberries!!
So much fun.

I am watching the Australian Amazing Race now.
God that yellow team are something!!

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