Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking photos while sitting in the car.

In the last few days I have taken some photos while waiting in traffic.

I had my dental appointment the other day so I thought I would get some macarons on the way home.
I saw these on Je m'appelle Sophia's blog ( link in my blog roll -->) and they looked so cute!!
She has a link on her blog for the website and all the details.
It made me feel like I was back in Paris for a minute..

Macarons always look better than they taste.

Then D and I continued on with the renos and went to last minute places to choose tiles, paint colours etc.

I needed SUGAR to get through it so I got a CHERRY COKE and PRETZEL flavoured m&m's.
They were kinda salty crunchy.
I liked them.

Then chose shades of brown.

I got my nails did today.
Thought I would try a colour.
Wanted a pink but they were all at my mums.
Found this purple one from Kit.
Still scared of my nails.

Found this photo on my laptop from last December.
Did I post it?

Heard today that Chris Brown went nuts again and smashed a chair through a window.
That douche clearly hasn't learnt a thing.
Anger management classes did nothing.
What a moron.
Cannot stand him.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm still here!

I'm still here..just.
I have the flu and now the doctor says I might have a stomach ulcer from taking too many nurofens when I had my wisdom teeth out.
Booo. I better lose a few kgs from all this vomiting.

I've been sick non stop since xmas and it reeks.
I've become a sook and need my mum here all the time to watch Atlanta Housewives with me and drive me to appointments and make sure I dont code blue. HA.

Thank jebus I have my trustly calming candle to keep my company at home..
I love rose scent.

Too sick to walk Taco so I took her to the dog park today so she could get some fresh air and have a wander.
When I'm sick I must wear biggest sloppiest clothes and biggest sunnies to cover feral face.
Lucky I bought this jumper from Sportsgirl in Perth last week.
It's been my best friend.
I've worn it 3 days in a row. GROSS.
It's pretty much winter here in Melbourne.
17 degrees.
What is that?

Here is Taco having a stand off with another pup.

While I try and keep warm and drink a coffee.
And tweet @ Nat from Freckle to the Left Blog that there is another goldie at the park named Oscar.

Nail polish is OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie

Look at this weird fish I found at the beach a few weeks back.
I'm gunna say its a blowfish or puffer fish.

Taco likes to roll in FUGU. I think the spikes feel nice for her.
Meanwhile I have a heart attack and tell her to get off.

I'm looking forward to another weekend in bed.
So over it
I want to go out and do STUFFS!

I might take photos of random stuffs around the house to blog?
I dunno if that would be boring.
I'll see what I can find.
Have a nice weekend everyone!
I think it's def flu season so keep up the vitamins !

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old pics from ze iphone.

I went through Ds phone and found a bunch of photos from the past month.

Here are the flowers I got for valentines day.
Aww. I like how they wrapped it in black paper.
I like the weird green things in there too. I dunno what they are.
I don't think I've seen them in a florist before..

He also got me some cake and chocolates that I couldn't eat because of my wisdom teeth.
You can see the nurofen in the background. Hahahaha!!
My saviour. I would of died without it.

Little Taco got in the spirit of Valentines Day too.
For about 2 minutes. She doesn't like wearing clothes.
She's such a nudist.

Here are some photos from Crown.
I don't remember when exactly. It might of been a few days before I went to the dentist.
I remember going there because the food is very soft and easy to eat without chewing.


All the beautiful Chinese New Year decorations.
Sorry it's a bit late.

Looks so pretty!
I prefer these to the Christmas ones.

Here is me possessed by the casino devil.
I tried to use the red eye function on iPhoto but it wouldn't work.
I used it on the photo up there but this one just wouldn't have a bar of it.

The stripey top was from the mature section of DJs. Think it's called Hammock and Vine?
The sleeveless cape thingy is from Staple? Maybe? I got it from a random website I forget.
Jeans are S&B. Kinda look like leggings in this photo.
Shoes are old Country Road.
I love these and can walk in them for hours and hours and hours.

It's true what they say,
stripes add about 10kg.
But I'm okay with it.

Soundwave Perth

Long time , no see.
I am back in Melbourne now. YAY.
The journey back was mammoth. Plane issues. Switching Planes.
Luggage not coming till the next day. Wahh!
Anyway. It's all over now.

I went to Perth over the weekend for Soundwave. Originally was planning to go to Melbourne but D couldn't get back here because of work so we went to Perth.
It was so much fun.
Glad I went to Perth instead. There were no lines and you could get close to the stages easily.
Apart from Slayer.
That was redic. I think they under estimated how popular Slayer are, or perhaps the band requested not to be on a main stage? I have no idea.

I had no idea what to wear. I hate dressing for hot weather. I prefer winter where I can cover all my skin.
I sent photos to my girl M who said to go with this option:
(Plz excuse the messy hotel room )

S&B top and shorts
Topshop sneakers
Hermes cuff

I was in the 1% group that wasn't dressed in all black. Weird for me because I'm usually in all black. But it was so hot.
I didn't want sunstroke.
I even put on SPF!! If you are reading K, I hope you are proud of me.

Got there and sweated like a pig.
So hard to handle after Melbourne had a week of 18 degrees weather. aka winter.

ETA- This photo is a bit gross. Look at my armpit vagina. It's like beyonces.

I got there around 4 and watched Slash, half of Slayer, ate drank and socialised with our awesome Perth friends!!

Then finally the sun went down and Iron Maiden came out!

Such an amazing set.

I wanted to hear Run to the Hills. It never happened.
Oh well.
It was still awesome!!
Wish I could go again.
I dunno if I will ever have a chance to see them again.
So glad I made the trip to Perth.
Was well worth it!!

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