Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm still here!

I'm still here..just.
I have the flu and now the doctor says I might have a stomach ulcer from taking too many nurofens when I had my wisdom teeth out.
Booo. I better lose a few kgs from all this vomiting.

I've been sick non stop since xmas and it reeks.
I've become a sook and need my mum here all the time to watch Atlanta Housewives with me and drive me to appointments and make sure I dont code blue. HA.

Thank jebus I have my trustly calming candle to keep my company at home..
I love rose scent.

Too sick to walk Taco so I took her to the dog park today so she could get some fresh air and have a wander.
When I'm sick I must wear biggest sloppiest clothes and biggest sunnies to cover feral face.
Lucky I bought this jumper from Sportsgirl in Perth last week.
It's been my best friend.
I've worn it 3 days in a row. GROSS.
It's pretty much winter here in Melbourne.
17 degrees.
What is that?

Here is Taco having a stand off with another pup.

While I try and keep warm and drink a coffee.
And tweet @ Nat from Freckle to the Left Blog that there is another goldie at the park named Oscar.

Nail polish is OPI - Red My Fortune Cookie

Look at this weird fish I found at the beach a few weeks back.
I'm gunna say its a blowfish or puffer fish.

Taco likes to roll in FUGU. I think the spikes feel nice for her.
Meanwhile I have a heart attack and tell her to get off.

I'm looking forward to another weekend in bed.
So over it
I want to go out and do STUFFS!

I might take photos of random stuffs around the house to blog?
I dunno if that would be boring.
I'll see what I can find.
Have a nice weekend everyone!
I think it's def flu season so keep up the vitamins !


  1. Get well cotton!!! and you do look skinnier !!!!

  2. what is fugu?!?! i need to know!
    poor precious - feel better soon! i hope you don't have an ulcer.
    your puppy is precious! i want a puppy so badddddd.
    definitely blog more. i don't care what it's about <3

  3. p.s. i was in melbs on the last day of summer and it was 17. WTF melbourne. still love it though.

  4. Ohhh you poor thing! I really hope you feel better soon hun. I was sick with gastro Monday and Tuesday and I needed my Mum to drive me to appts and looks after me too! And cook me soup :)
    Btw you don't need to lose any weight, you are gorgeous, lady! xx

  5. Defs winter in melbourne these days. I literally ceebs getting up in the moring because it's too cold! I really like the oversized striped knit!

  6. Oh my God our dogs are so weird for making out with THOSE EVIL FISH.

    I'm tired and feel shitty and I'm sick of everyone telling me I sound crap... wah.... :( :( :(

    Feel dope soon ladypants.

  7. hollypop,

    fugu is the part of the blowfish that japanese serve.
    I think?
    well thats what happened on the episode of the simpsons.
    and homer screams " FUGU!!!"

  8. Get wel soon! In Vienna the flue makes its second round, my mum ended up in the hospital, my brother in law vomited on the flight to Paris ... gross!
    Watch some funny movies to make sure you don't get depressed with the weather/health/....

    Are you staying home from work right now?

  9. Get well soon, hun!

    Candles are very healing.

    I'm guilty of taking pics of random stuff and blogging about it. And I'm still alive.

    Lots of luff

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  10. That sux that you are sick, but you totally look great. Hope you feel better soon :)

  11. get well soon, that's a long time being sick. i like the humor in your posts, that bit about taco playing with fugu! lol. you still look amazing sick though :)

  12. Aww you poor thing! I hope you get better soon x Sushi

  13. Oooohhh, I LOVE diptique!! My aunt (Semi Expat) bought be the L'ombre Dans L'eau solid perfume ( I think that's what it is...) for my birthday last year :-). The boyf loves it so much he class it 'dick tease', haha XXX


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