Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking photos while sitting in the car.

In the last few days I have taken some photos while waiting in traffic.

I had my dental appointment the other day so I thought I would get some macarons on the way home.
I saw these on Je m'appelle Sophia's blog ( link in my blog roll -->) and they looked so cute!!
She has a link on her blog for the website and all the details.
It made me feel like I was back in Paris for a minute..

Macarons always look better than they taste.

Then D and I continued on with the renos and went to last minute places to choose tiles, paint colours etc.

I needed SUGAR to get through it so I got a CHERRY COKE and PRETZEL flavoured m&m's.
They were kinda salty crunchy.
I liked them.

Then chose shades of brown.

I got my nails did today.
Thought I would try a colour.
Wanted a pink but they were all at my mums.
Found this purple one from Kit.
Still scared of my nails.

Found this photo on my laptop from last December.
Did I post it?

Heard today that Chris Brown went nuts again and smashed a chair through a window.
That douche clearly hasn't learnt a thing.
Anger management classes did nothing.
What a moron.
Cannot stand him.


  1. that's quite some serious purple!

    I keep thinking of you whenever I see some macarones.

    Taking photos in the car is acutally fun, I took one last week, took a picture from surroundings while the traffic light was on red. Felt like a really mean paparazza.
    I know this photo is neither a good photo nor useful still it was fun :-)

  2. I am totally going to that place to get me some macarons!!

  3. totally agree about chris brown.

    can i ask, why did you have such a large bunch of balloons? they look like they could of carried you away! i would love a permanent bunch of colourful ones just sitting in my house. i think they'd make me feel constantly happy :D

  4. I effing hate C.Brown.
    He makes me skin crawl and makes me feel sad.
    Asshole + other words I won't use on your bloggy.

    Love the balloon photo!

    Your nails look rad, that's the colour on my toes 'cept it's Mecca nail polish.

  5. someone described chris brown as "urkel rodman" today and i LAUGHED! horrible human being!

    macarons are copping a lot of flak online lately. i'm convinced it's 'cuase y'all are not having zumbo 'rons. i've had some terrible macarons as well, but so many awesome ones.
    when macarons are done badly it's deeply saddening, and when they are done right (like zumbo) they are a holy and good thing.

  6. I love the balloon pic, it remind me of the movie Up! So wanting macarons now, they look so good!

  7. love the nails and the balloon photo! and i totally agree about chris brown, total wanker.

  8. He is totes a moron! Oooh, I don't like balloons- they really scare me but your pic kinda makes me wish I like them! Funky nail colour cotton XX

  9. I don't understand the macaron thing, they're so expensive for so little! They do look gorgeous though.

  10. I went to that same macaron place when I was in Melbs last! I did a post on it too ! hehe Mwah xx

  11. those macaroons look so good!!! and i so agree with you about chris brown!

  12. Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

  13. Macarons definitely look a lot prettier than they taste. It's the same (to me) with coffee, walk in to a cafe and it smells divine but the coffee just doesn't quite hit the spot in terms of taste =)

    Loving the purple nails and kudos to you for taking pics in the car. Be careful tho, I had a near accident this week because I was scrambling through my bag for my lipbalm while driving a little bit *yikes*

    p.s. Chris Brown is going down...

  14. I'm glad we all agree that Chris Brown is a Douchhhee!!

    I had the balloons because I was picking them up for my mum who was having a party.

    Let me also be clear,
    I wasn't driving while taking photos!!
    That''s so dangerous!
    I dont use my phone while driving.
    I like to be safe.

  15. I think we have the same car, juding from the interior!!
    A sexy BMW with woodgrain?

  16. I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


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