Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soundwave Perth

Long time , no see.
I am back in Melbourne now. YAY.
The journey back was mammoth. Plane issues. Switching Planes.
Luggage not coming till the next day. Wahh!
Anyway. It's all over now.

I went to Perth over the weekend for Soundwave. Originally was planning to go to Melbourne but D couldn't get back here because of work so we went to Perth.
It was so much fun.
Glad I went to Perth instead. There were no lines and you could get close to the stages easily.
Apart from Slayer.
That was redic. I think they under estimated how popular Slayer are, or perhaps the band requested not to be on a main stage? I have no idea.

I had no idea what to wear. I hate dressing for hot weather. I prefer winter where I can cover all my skin.
I sent photos to my girl M who said to go with this option:
(Plz excuse the messy hotel room )

S&B top and shorts
Topshop sneakers
Hermes cuff

I was in the 1% group that wasn't dressed in all black. Weird for me because I'm usually in all black. But it was so hot.
I didn't want sunstroke.
I even put on SPF!! If you are reading K, I hope you are proud of me.

Got there and sweated like a pig.
So hard to handle after Melbourne had a week of 18 degrees weather. aka winter.

ETA- This photo is a bit gross. Look at my armpit vagina. It's like beyonces.

I got there around 4 and watched Slash, half of Slayer, ate drank and socialised with our awesome Perth friends!!

Then finally the sun went down and Iron Maiden came out!

Such an amazing set.

I wanted to hear Run to the Hills. It never happened.
Oh well.
It was still awesome!!
Wish I could go again.
I dunno if I will ever have a chance to see them again.
So glad I made the trip to Perth.
Was well worth it!!


  1. oooo nice!! I went to Brisbane from Perth this weekend to go to Future Music. My gosh, big mistake. It rained the whole time. I hear the weather was mint in Perth. What a very wrong decision I made. Hope you had fun! Yay! x

  2. Love, love, loveeeeeeeee yo outfit.

    Whomever this M person is, she is SMART and has fantastic fashion sense.


    H has an Iron Maiden poster in his wardrobe... he tried to get me to put it up in the house (in a frame) but I said "NO H, just no." Then he was blue... and I kind of considered it again, but my conclusion was still NO.

  3. Ditto on hearing run to the hills - I was disappointed but Maiden were out of this world.

    Slayer was the biggest disappointment. I ended up lining up for a drink for most of the set and got a better view from there!

  4. Hmm, I think my computer ate my last comment, so will try to recreate it. Jealous of hair and attendance at Soundwave, love outfit, hair, and use of sunscreen. I am sure your friend K will indeed be proud of you.

  5. I love your hair, i wish mine would hurry up and grow!

    Ha ha armpit vagina?! You're crazy man, there's barely anything there!

  6. Ahh your so lucky, I went to the Brisbane Soundwave, it was SO hot. And you could tell it was sold out, you couldnt get to the main stages because there was so many people. Apart from that it was good though haha.

  7. Armpit vagina!!! Girl you are too much.

    Love it.

  8. Your hair looks great! Even moreso considering it was a hot day.

    Meanwhile, Armpit Vagina! LOL.


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