Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Old pics from ze iphone.

I went through Ds phone and found a bunch of photos from the past month.

Here are the flowers I got for valentines day.
Aww. I like how they wrapped it in black paper.
I like the weird green things in there too. I dunno what they are.
I don't think I've seen them in a florist before..

He also got me some cake and chocolates that I couldn't eat because of my wisdom teeth.
You can see the nurofen in the background. Hahahaha!!
My saviour. I would of died without it.

Little Taco got in the spirit of Valentines Day too.
For about 2 minutes. She doesn't like wearing clothes.
She's such a nudist.

Here are some photos from Crown.
I don't remember when exactly. It might of been a few days before I went to the dentist.
I remember going there because the food is very soft and easy to eat without chewing.


All the beautiful Chinese New Year decorations.
Sorry it's a bit late.

Looks so pretty!
I prefer these to the Christmas ones.

Here is me possessed by the casino devil.
I tried to use the red eye function on iPhoto but it wouldn't work.
I used it on the photo up there but this one just wouldn't have a bar of it.

The stripey top was from the mature section of DJs. Think it's called Hammock and Vine?
The sleeveless cape thingy is from Staple? Maybe? I got it from a random website I forget.
Jeans are S&B. Kinda look like leggings in this photo.
Shoes are old Country Road.
I love these and can walk in them for hours and hours and hours.

It's true what they say,
stripes add about 10kg.
But I'm okay with it.


  1. FIRST!


    I need to actually read the post now....

  2. I love Taco's Valentines cape hahaaaaa

    The stripes look lovely, the cardi breaks them up!

    I want sake... I want a beer... Instead I am getting ready for another night duty. FML :(

  3. Aww taco looks so cute, don't worry my deli is a nudist all the way too. Wish she would wear a cute jumper at least, but no she's just not interested in doggie fashion :(

    I agree with Mer the stripes look really nice with the black!


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