Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock Bar, Bali

Our hotel had this awesome bar called The Rock Bar.
It was nice for sunset drinks and snacks.

You have to use a cable car to access it which freaked me out a lot. It wasnt that scary when I got on.
Here is a photo of a part of the bar from the top of the cliff.

The sun setting behind the clouds from the bar..

I love edamame. Who doesn't?
It's so much fun to eat and is healthy.
Whats not to love?

More snacks.
We ordered curly fries.
How funny. Haven't had these since the 90s.
We also had delicious cheese and jalapeno rolls. Yumm

Definitely worth the visit if you are in Bali.
No pics of me because I looked ultra bleugh.

ETA : It seems as thought D thought he'd be hilarious by sticking his finger up in that last photo.
Pls ignore.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bali breakfasts and Ku De Ta

These were the best crepes ever.
Banana and Peanut Butter.
I wish I could eat them every day.

Cute little fruit platter.

I LOVE fresh guava juice. Wish we could get it here. All that guava juice at the supermarkets is foul and super sweet sugary grossness. BLEUGH.
Cool glasses though yeah?
I think they chilled the silver bit and then you slide your glass in and it helps to keep it coolish.
I want them.

One of the swimming pools at the resort..

We decided to play tennis and after getting ready I went to put my sneakers on and realised i had accidently packed TWO LEFT FEET.
So annoying.
I could of cried. and laughed. I think we laughed and cried for about 10 minutes.
I played half the game with two left feet and the other half with one shoe on, one shoe off.
Our butler Pepi thought I bought the runners in Kuta and got ripped off because they gave me two different shoes.

We went to Ku De Ta one night because everybody talks about it.
It's a nice place.

We had many cocktails.
I had a trusty mojito.
I don't handle heat well.

But then our waiter suggest I try this lychee rose martini.
It is now known as " best cocktail ever"
I think about it a lot.
I never knew that I liked rose flavour drinks. I usually avoid them on a menu.
But they taste like TURKISH DELIGHT and I LOVE me some turkish delight.

It's 1.15 now.
I still haven't had breakfast, let alone lunch.
Too lazy to cook something.
Decided to blog instead.
I wish I lived in a hotel full time where I had room service.
Why cant I be on gossip girl? They all seem to live in hotels.
It's weird right? WEIRD.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bali Villa !

My internet is back.

D and I went with some friends to Bali about a month ago.
It was the best.
I still have post holiday depression.
It was nice to have a week of hot weather.
We stayed at the Ayana Resort in Jimbaran Bay.

Here is the entry to the villa!
You can see my friend F at the door!

Fruit !
I love fruit in other countries.
It's more exciting!

Here is the bathroom!!
It's crazy big hey?
The rooms in Bali are the largest I've seen in the world.
It's mental.
Lots of space.

The bath looks outside over the Indian Ocean.
I wouldn't bath naked though.
Maybe I'm a prude?
I dunno
I'd close the blinds.
There was rose petals in the bath when we arrive.

Here is the pool outside area.
Im depressed looking at these photos.
Melbourne is so cold and WAHH.

We had so many delicious cocktails.
So so many.
I always go back to the trust mojito though.
I dunno what this was.
I THINK it was a berry mojito!

Delicious food on the first day after we checked in!
I miss BALI

Ive never had post holiday blues like now.
It reeks.
Going through these photos isnt helping either.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Chanel Bag yay.

Happy Tuesday!!

My internet has been capped so it will be a pain to do Bali posts.
I had this photo on my phone though so I thought I would blog it.
I bought this Chanel bag about 2 months ago?
But forgot to blog it.
I got some new sunnies too!!
I love this bag because I can hide the chains and make it a clutch.
It's also nice and light.
My shoulders get so sore these days. Old LAY-DAY.
It also comes in a silver colour!

How good is the iPhone 4 camera?
It's pretty much on par with my point and shoot cam.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am still here!!

I am still here and alive!!
Dying in the cold. Wah !

Just got back from Bali !
Had THE best time.
Might post some photos from the trip soon!

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