Thursday, May 12, 2011

I am still here!!

I am still here and alive!!
Dying in the cold. Wah !

Just got back from Bali !
Had THE best time.
Might post some photos from the trip soon!


  1. i want to hear alllllll about bali as i am thinking of going there for our next trip. ALL ABOUT IT PLS. hehe you and taco look adorabuble!

  2. I'm going next month!!!!!!!!!!! pics PLEASE!!!! Cannot wait to escape Sydney's freeze.

  3. omggg can't wait to see bali pics!

  4. SHOW US YA PICS!!!!

    Turkish Delight bllleerrrrrggggggggggg

  5. Argggh, would love to see Bali photos!!! We're off to Seminyak tomorrow - see you in a week! :)


  6. Hunny!

    So glad you're safe and well and had a great time in Bali.

    I am in Hawaii at the moment and living the dream. If the dream is beach, shopping, beach, shopping.

    Take care and looking forward to hearing more.

    SSG xxx

  7. Yes, post them! Now. I'm dying in this freezing Sydney weather.

  8. this is crazy: the moment you come back, blogger eats all the comments. welcome back!
    Since it is almost winter in Australia, which new scarf will it be this winter?
    I just realised: you have to wait until sommer to get the FW2011/2012 collection, because FW always refers to the northern hemishphere. What a challenge!

  9. Hi Cotton Socks! I was wondering if you've stopped posting or something... Glad you're back, love your blog! Greetings from Germany, Lilly

  10. hate you! wish i was in bali, it's already depressingly cold here :(

  11. Yay yay yay you're back! Was worried that you had died of wisdom-teeth related failyness. Post pics of Bali immediately, please.


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