Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock Bar, Bali

Our hotel had this awesome bar called The Rock Bar.
It was nice for sunset drinks and snacks.

You have to use a cable car to access it which freaked me out a lot. It wasnt that scary when I got on.
Here is a photo of a part of the bar from the top of the cliff.

The sun setting behind the clouds from the bar..

I love edamame. Who doesn't?
It's so much fun to eat and is healthy.
Whats not to love?

More snacks.
We ordered curly fries.
How funny. Haven't had these since the 90s.
We also had delicious cheese and jalapeno rolls. Yumm

Definitely worth the visit if you are in Bali.
No pics of me because I looked ultra bleugh.

ETA : It seems as thought D thought he'd be hilarious by sticking his finger up in that last photo.
Pls ignore.



    There is NO way I would be able to get into a cable car unless I shut my eyes for the whole trip or had a blindfold on.

    I'm SO scared of heights.

    I'm sure you looked gorgeous!!!


  2. Hehe, D's finger made me giggle. S does that alllll the time to my pics!

    Ang xxx

  3. WOW nice. we are currently planning our next trip for july... looking at China Shanghai/ Beijing & Hong Kong... but you're swaying me with these pics..

  4. Great photo of the Rock Bar! Fun!!! Every city needs one.
    Delia from 'What Should I Wear.com.au'

  5. this is so attractive, I wish I was there. That rose martini thingamy sounds like something I'd like. Your hair looks v. blonde. Well Done. Love me x


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