Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Chanel Bag yay.

Happy Tuesday!!

My internet has been capped so it will be a pain to do Bali posts.
I had this photo on my phone though so I thought I would blog it.
I bought this Chanel bag about 2 months ago?
But forgot to blog it.
I got some new sunnies too!!
I love this bag because I can hide the chains and make it a clutch.
It's also nice and light.
My shoulders get so sore these days. Old LAY-DAY.
It also comes in a silver colour!

How good is the iPhone 4 camera?
It's pretty much on par with my point and shoot cam.


  1. Love the bag!

    Can't believe this was taken with an iPhone 4. I'm impressed.

  2. Chanelo!! It's really beautiful. I love the quilting and leather finish. One day I hope to own something so lovely!

  3. pretty!!

    LOVE the iPhone 4 camera. It constantly amazes me with how awesome it is!!

  4. Ahh it's gorgeous! I love my iphone4, it's all I used for photos in the US and it was awesome :)

  5. I loooOOOoooove this

    Never had FO Soup w/ veg stock before, just thought I'd throw that in for the vego's so they didn't feel left out ;)

  6. Hot bag - it looks so puffy and soft:)


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