Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bali Villa !

My internet is back.

D and I went with some friends to Bali about a month ago.
It was the best.
I still have post holiday depression.
It was nice to have a week of hot weather.
We stayed at the Ayana Resort in Jimbaran Bay.

Here is the entry to the villa!
You can see my friend F at the door!

Fruit !
I love fruit in other countries.
It's more exciting!

Here is the bathroom!!
It's crazy big hey?
The rooms in Bali are the largest I've seen in the world.
It's mental.
Lots of space.

The bath looks outside over the Indian Ocean.
I wouldn't bath naked though.
Maybe I'm a prude?
I dunno
I'd close the blinds.
There was rose petals in the bath when we arrive.

Here is the pool outside area.
Im depressed looking at these photos.
Melbourne is so cold and WAHH.

We had so many delicious cocktails.
So so many.
I always go back to the trust mojito though.
I dunno what this was.
I THINK it was a berry mojito!

Delicious food on the first day after we checked in!
I miss BALI

Ive never had post holiday blues like now.
It reeks.
Going through these photos isnt helping either.



  1. oh my falking lord. perfection and exactly what i am after for our next vacay! goddamn i love cocktails and i look darling when drinking them :) i hope you can go back soon!!

  2. WAH!!!

    I want to be lamping in that pool nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    So shitty.

    Need a tropicana fix STAT

  3. whaaaat that bathroom is insane. I spent a chunk of my childhood in and around Bali hotels. I haven't been back in ages though. This post makes me want to go there stat. If only I wasn't headed to Europe in a few weeks. All that money I've spent to be a starved backpacker I could've spent living like an EMPRESS in Bali haha

  4. A mojito is my drink of choice too. The villa looks gorgeous. I seriously can't wait to go back.

    What was the beach like? Pettinget had black sand and was very dirty >.<


  5. Ohhh it all looks so relaxing and lovely and that picture of the berry mojito really doesnt help! hahahahhaha. Im having mad post holiday depression, its exactly a month since i got back from the USA tomorrow and i want to cry :'((((((((( take me baaaaack!!!!!!!!!

  6. WOW! What a beautiful spot in the world.
    I have never been to Bali!
    Mojito's are my favourite, the berry one looks amazing!

  7. Aymayzing. I am just picturing myself there right this moment... how relaxing...beautiful pics... Crap, gotta get back to work. Grrr xx

  8. These photos looks beautiful! makes me want to go bali so bad! Thank you for sharing :))

  9. You're so lucky, these photos look like taken in heaven

    BTW, I'm in love with your blog and I wonder if we can follow each other..? what do you think ? even if no, I will be your follower <3

  10. aww I wanna see your outfits!


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