Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things i want for the home!

These are a few things i want for the home! I think the only thing i will be getting is this first photo. Its a print on canvas from I emailed them with a request about the weight because i can only use 3M hooks and they were very helpful and prompt. I was 50/50 on whether i would get this but their lovely service made me decide to go for it. Its priced at $250 from memory? and its 740cm high. I think this will go behind the dining table. i will post pics when it comes!
I really love this but i just bought a coffee table from Freedom and i threw out the packaging so i cant return it :(
I love how its just a bit weird. One of my friends has this at his parents house and its a really cool piece that you can use for heaps of purposes.
You can purchase Alessi goods from

This last piece below is also Alessi. Love it! Pick up Sticks fruit bowl!
pity i never display fruit
or else id use this for sure!

I wish i could master blogspot. for some reason i keep getting blue text and cant post links properly!
maybe its cuz im using a mac?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

cottonsocks 1 , ikea 0

Last week, I went to Ikea with little lady lost. it was a mission indeed.
i needed a sideboard/buffet. I had been eyeing off one from S&P in high gloss black with the little baroque legs. i dont know if this is what they are called but im calling it that from now on.
anyways, i was looking through the ikea website and noticed they had one that was very simular ( not as nice) but at a third of the price. so i decided to do the sensible thing and purchase the cheaper one.
SO, after lady lost and i found lots of nick nacks to add to our trolley we went to the warehouse section to pick up the sideboard which would be told would fit in my car . BOY THEY COULDNT BE ANY WRONGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEERRRRRRR.
it didnt even come close to fitting in my car. and we could hardly lift it.
so a call had to be made.
get it delivered in a few days and pay more $$$? NO! THEN IKEA WINS! THATS WHAT THEY WANT!
with an hour before closing i had to make a decision fast.
I ring my dad
" Does Ms Blogless have our work ute"
dad  : "yes she does. why?"
*beep hang up*
ring ring Ms Blogless
she comes and saves the day. w00t w00t
then i get a call from Freedom 
" your coffee table has arrived. come pick it up from melb central before we close in an hour"
i buzz off to the city
Ms Blogless races to richmond.
and an hour later all my goodies arrive at home safe and sound.
we realised
this is in a million pieces.

i always thought that ikea things came in like 4 pieces and u pop them together like lego.
"this will be fun" i thought " i will build this all myself and suprise people with my talent"
didnt happen
but let me tell you, Ms Blogless and i gave it a fair go. we got the whole shape of the thing happening and put the doors on ! then i had to get my trusty ol' dad to come and finish the job.
picccccciiesss forr uuuuu

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sangria Night

Last week some of my girlfriends came over for sangria night !
I took a photo with my phone to share. it has forthy bits because we had just poured in the lemonade.
sangria nights are the best! i think the one we made the week before was a lot better but i have no photo to share :(

Please excuse can of chickpeas and dishcloth. gross !
I need to buy a nice sangria jug ! or take one from mums.hahah. otherwise our soup pot and soup spoon will keep doing the job.
I will give you the recipe for our sangria!
there are no measurements! this is the sangria way!

  • 1-2 bottles of red wine! cheap is the way to go ! i stick around the $10 mark for sangria wine. get cheaper if you can handle the headache and hang over.
i usually buy a shiraz or a pinot . you can really put anything in though! totally up to you!

  • lemonade. i usually buy a 2 litre bottle and add according to taste.
  • cinnamon. get the sprigs...the seem to work better than the powder because the powder just sits at the top and goes on ur lips. ughhhh
  • some people say to add sugar. i say this is crazy talk. so dont add sugar unless you are a crazy sugar fiend.
  • brandy, cointreu, etc these are what you are supposed to add. i add vodka for kick! ha! grey goose. good.
  • FRUITS! this is the important part. add whatever you have in the fridge. it doesnt matter what u add really. but if i am shopping specifically for sangria i will always buy orange, lime, strawberries. these are most important. i like to add pear. i guess u could add anything really. totally up to you!

i want some now. yum yum
its like a punch really but red wine and lemonade are awesome together.
who would of known?
p.s once we added peach absolut. it was hardcore sweet. so add things to taste ! experiment!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Suprise Couch Shopper!

Wellllllll my dear readers,
today was a typical sunday for cottonsocks. SHOPPING> YAY.
i set out on a mission to buy a water purifier for my kitchen and a lamp for our living area..

in truuuueee cottonsocks styles that never
 happened and i got two things i dont need.

i feel bad for doing this. so i didnt tell couchshopper. he will get upset.
but i thought if i drink tap water for a while and use candle light then i will SAVE money so it evens out YAY $$$$ 

mecca cosmetica treats

i could buy something new everytime i walked into mecca cosmetica. 
i try to not walk in.
will power against any type of shopping is something i dont have.
i cant go to coles without spending $100.
dont take me near DJs or Dan Murphys. i go spaz.

the other day i went in there looking for xmas gifts for others but walked out with xmas gifts for myself...i even told myself id wrap them and put them under the tree and not use them till xmas
but ive already used them all ! HAHAHAH
let me tell u
they all smell

Philosophy body washes in dark choc, white choc, milk choc. pear cobbler body wash!
kai candle! kai smell is the best
now i have the perfume, body lotion, body butter AND candle! ive got the collection happening.
if its good enough for oprah its good enough for me !!


Pasta Night

I felt like home cookin the other night so i made some pasta for one !
Vegetable ravioli with napoli sauce and garlic mushrooms
Rocket, pear, almonds, avocado, parmesan, olive oil , balsamic vinegar
and water!!

yum. i love pasta and salad. the best dinner ever !

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lets play a game!!!

Its called
"How long will it take until i get an abusive sms/email/phone call from alicia?"
bets anyone????

I think i just threw up a little in my mouth.

presents for me !!!!

YAY who doesn't love receiving presents?
me sometimes. its awkward if they suck but this time it didn't!
ive wanted this alessi bottle opener since the dawn of time.
and my lovely friend who shall forever remain blogless bought it for me!
thank you blogless friend!!!
Me loves it. i might even start to drink beer so i can use it !
i think from now on the beer i buy for guests will only be screw top so i can whip this out and people will be wowed.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Vacuum purchase!!!

I got a vacuum !! YAY
I decided to get a good vacuum cleaner. I dont like vacuuming so i want the job to be done fast and properly! I thought it would be a good idea to shell out for the Dyson. I think i got the base model though. I didnt want to get too hardcore right away. It might be the DC20. Not too sure!
i got it from Myer. $600 reduced to $504! YAY.
its the greatest thing ever. kind of. After you vacuum your place for the first time with a dyson you feel like youve been a living like a pig in a sty. 
checkkk out the dust just from the living room and the kitchen!
One day i want to do my mattress...but im kind of scared to see how ive been living...eeep!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

cottonsocks went shopping again

Cotton socks likes talking about herself in the third person. it makes her feeling like a real blogger.

Cottonsocks recently purchased this S&B Vie dress from david jones. Its quite cute on. Shes not really the best at taking pics yet. clearly a dress saggin on a coathanger on a door isnt the best way to show you the design. but its the cottonsocks way!! and thats how she does things.

On the right here w
e have her beloved marc by marc jacobs cardi. half black, half grey! this is cottonsocks to a tee!
she was very happy to find this after searching high and low in tokyo to no avail. hoorah for belinda at gpo!
cottonsocks saw lisa wilkensen from the today show there too!! exciting! star spotting. She also saw karl stefanovic at rockpool the following night. thats how cottonsocks rolls....rubbin shoulders with the stars...( in the dark careful)

Lets post one more pic shall we ?
or shall we not?
who knows!!! thats how life is with cottonsocks.


okay one more
and this one is a goody

She got this candle from Kit ! YAY Peony. Cottonsocks think the brand is Archipelago. Fun! its $49.95 and she think it has about 80 burning hours! the thing that is best about these candles is they really DO fill the room! I PROMISE! cottonsocks moneyback guarantee !!

cottonsocks does PA

okay crraaazzzzyyy blogspot uploaded this pics in a really weird way so i hope you can kind of get the drift of this post.

i went to peter alexander the other day and picked up some goodies !!!
i posted a pic of the two nighties i got ( they have pockets yay !!!!)
and a close up of the skeleton detailing so hopefully you can see the heart is made from sequins!
on the dress with the face the eyes are sequins too! i dunno how that will feel while sleeping??
but i think i will lounge about the house in these:D

i loved the shorts too so i picked up a pair. at $29.95 i think they are really reasonably priced.
I loved these because they remind me of luella.
geek le chic.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cottonsocks went shopping!

I have done quite a bit of shopping lately but been lazy in posting photos !
so i will post a few pics and hopefully i will catch up soon !!!

ive been trying to upload for like 15 mins now. grr.
"Page Not Found" how about i smash u page not found/!!!
arghh. if i wasnt sitting on my ass at work i would of given up a long time ago.
and a big eff you to the girl who didnt take the security tag of my dress at DJ the other day. i had to go ALL THE WAY BACK. damnit. DAMNIT !
thats it
AFTER ABOUT SEVEN attempts at trying to upload pics and getting "page not found"
i have given up!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Restaurant Review

Hosier lne

Movida is like a lil chill spanish tapas bar in the city. I like it. but trying to get a table here is annoying. ugh. bookings in advance? who can be bothered? 
i like to come during the quiet times and eat off the "snack menu"
i think the snack menu is quite big and u can easily eat dinner/lunch from it.

I have a problem with blogging about meals. i tend to eat half first and then remember to take a photo for my blog. oops

anyways, i had chickpeas with spinach and portobello mushrooms. YUM ooh plus olives. u can taste the olive oil has a lemon infusion. extra yum.
and what is better than a nice icy glass of sangria on a hot day?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lazy Days

This week i have been quite lazy. apart from yesterday ! i got a new hammock ! YAY
pics will come soon.
i did clean the kitchen which was a good effort.
but i took my little poppet ( a short hair chihuahua) for breakfast and coffee and a long walk.
i felt productive.
But days like this make me happy!!

look at my puppys studded collar! she is hard core !

Crazy Melbourne

Melbourne is crazy town.
On friday i took this snap on my iphone whilst my bf was driving in the city and  u can see how gloomy the day was.  but TODAY crazy hot. ahhhh

ooh whilst i was out i got a new MJ cardigan ! which i will post later on !
i will try to take some photos of my recent purchases for my 4 blog readers.

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