Saturday, November 15, 2008

cottonsocks does PA

okay crraaazzzzyyy blogspot uploaded this pics in a really weird way so i hope you can kind of get the drift of this post.

i went to peter alexander the other day and picked up some goodies !!!
i posted a pic of the two nighties i got ( they have pockets yay !!!!)
and a close up of the skeleton detailing so hopefully you can see the heart is made from sequins!
on the dress with the face the eyes are sequins too! i dunno how that will feel while sleeping??
but i think i will lounge about the house in these:D

i loved the shorts too so i picked up a pair. at $29.95 i think they are really reasonably priced.
I loved these because they remind me of luella.
geek le chic.


  1. wow cotton sock. They are nice nightclothes. The skellington rocks. They will be confortable to lounge around in.

  2. cotton sock?
    like im one lonely sock?
    not a pair?
    g thanks.

  3. Its amazing that one missing letter can make all the difference. Sorry cotton socks...must of been a typo. Like your blog..think i will be a regular reader.


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