Sunday, November 23, 2008

Suprise Couch Shopper!

Wellllllll my dear readers,
today was a typical sunday for cottonsocks. SHOPPING> YAY.
i set out on a mission to buy a water purifier for my kitchen and a lamp for our living area..

in truuuueee cottonsocks styles that never
 happened and i got two things i dont need.

i feel bad for doing this. so i didnt tell couchshopper. he will get upset.
but i thought if i drink tap water for a while and use candle light then i will SAVE money so it evens out YAY $$$$ 


  1. Tsk tsk! You need a strong willed friend to accompany you on such missions. Keep you focused.

    But. Those shoes are awesome! Love the metallic. Were they limited edition? They remind me of the red bull edition AF1's that were brought out some time ago.

  2. im not sure if they are ltd ed but im guessings its a big fat no.
    in real life the red bit looks more pink.
    in the photo here it looks very red.
    i was going to buy three pairs but kate talked me out of it.


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