Saturday, November 15, 2008

cottonsocks went shopping again

Cotton socks likes talking about herself in the third person. it makes her feeling like a real blogger.

Cottonsocks recently purchased this S&B Vie dress from david jones. Its quite cute on. Shes not really the best at taking pics yet. clearly a dress saggin on a coathanger on a door isnt the best way to show you the design. but its the cottonsocks way!! and thats how she does things.

On the right here w
e have her beloved marc by marc jacobs cardi. half black, half grey! this is cottonsocks to a tee!
she was very happy to find this after searching high and low in tokyo to no avail. hoorah for belinda at gpo!
cottonsocks saw lisa wilkensen from the today show there too!! exciting! star spotting. She also saw karl stefanovic at rockpool the following night. thats how cottonsocks rolls....rubbin shoulders with the stars...( in the dark careful)

Lets post one more pic shall we ?
or shall we not?
who knows!!! thats how life is with cottonsocks.


okay one more
and this one is a goody

She got this candle from Kit ! YAY Peony. Cottonsocks think the brand is Archipelago. Fun! its $49.95 and she think it has about 80 burning hours! the thing that is best about these candles is they really DO fill the room! I PROMISE! cottonsocks moneyback guarantee !!

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