Monday, November 24, 2008

Sangria Night

Last week some of my girlfriends came over for sangria night !
I took a photo with my phone to share. it has forthy bits because we had just poured in the lemonade.
sangria nights are the best! i think the one we made the week before was a lot better but i have no photo to share :(

Please excuse can of chickpeas and dishcloth. gross !
I need to buy a nice sangria jug ! or take one from mums.hahah. otherwise our soup pot and soup spoon will keep doing the job.
I will give you the recipe for our sangria!
there are no measurements! this is the sangria way!

  • 1-2 bottles of red wine! cheap is the way to go ! i stick around the $10 mark for sangria wine. get cheaper if you can handle the headache and hang over.
i usually buy a shiraz or a pinot . you can really put anything in though! totally up to you!

  • lemonade. i usually buy a 2 litre bottle and add according to taste.
  • cinnamon. get the sprigs...the seem to work better than the powder because the powder just sits at the top and goes on ur lips. ughhhh
  • some people say to add sugar. i say this is crazy talk. so dont add sugar unless you are a crazy sugar fiend.
  • brandy, cointreu, etc these are what you are supposed to add. i add vodka for kick! ha! grey goose. good.
  • FRUITS! this is the important part. add whatever you have in the fridge. it doesnt matter what u add really. but if i am shopping specifically for sangria i will always buy orange, lime, strawberries. these are most important. i like to add pear. i guess u could add anything really. totally up to you!

i want some now. yum yum
its like a punch really but red wine and lemonade are awesome together.
who would of known?
p.s once we added peach absolut. it was hardcore sweet. so add things to taste ! experiment!

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