Sunday, November 23, 2008

mecca cosmetica treats

i could buy something new everytime i walked into mecca cosmetica. 
i try to not walk in.
will power against any type of shopping is something i dont have.
i cant go to coles without spending $100.
dont take me near DJs or Dan Murphys. i go spaz.

the other day i went in there looking for xmas gifts for others but walked out with xmas gifts for myself...i even told myself id wrap them and put them under the tree and not use them till xmas
but ive already used them all ! HAHAHAH
let me tell u
they all smell

Philosophy body washes in dark choc, white choc, milk choc. pear cobbler body wash!
kai candle! kai smell is the best
now i have the perfume, body lotion, body butter AND candle! ive got the collection happening.
if its good enough for oprah its good enough for me !!


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