Saturday, February 28, 2009

yucky yucca

When i first moved into my place there was this hideous yucca staring at me everyday. it clearly suffered from a long time of neglect.
i feel compassion for plants too people! maybe i should stop eating vegetables too?
oxytarian? airatarian? hmm.
water has feelings too you know.
i decided to do a yucca rescue and i like to pretend im on guerilla gardeners or better homes and gardens when i do it.

before photos and after photos:

 i did this all in one day! so i hope it will look better in a month or so when it has time to grow. i gave it some yucca food. osmocoat or something like that!
so if i can make a nice change like that in one day imagine how much better it will look in a month or two.
much better i think.

i feel better now that its looking nicer. i dont like looking at neglected plants.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

taco in quadform

yayayayya more quadcamera goodness.
my little popppettttt xxoxoxoxo love love love

flowers of the week

YAY. tulips are back in. which makes me happy. i went for yellow and pink this week. pink is very random for me. i never buy pink flowers but this week i thought these pink tulips were too cute to pass on !

I got this new application for my iphone called quadcamera. me loves it. EVERYTHING IS NOW IN QUADFORM.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If Blair can look this off eating a "sammy" then i dont want to be seen eating in public ever again.
i wish i saw this pic before i just scoffed down a scone with jam and cream for breakfast.
what can i say? ladette to lady scones made me want a scone.
i would of got my usual bran muffin but i had to drop Taco off to doggy day care this morning so i was running late and got stuck with Gloria Jeans coffee and scone. ughhhh yuck.
Yesterday i did well with the eating!
i had a "salad sammy" and a fruit salad and a vegetable stew. and water and one coffee.
oh wait
throw in the urban burger i forgot about. but urban burger isnt that unhealthy right? i got the vegan vibe and NO CHIPS! NO CHIPS!
no cheese
healthy! see the biggest lost taught me how to order take out healthy styles! even though i had it before the biggest loser was on.
and while im on the topic, TEAM ALPHA DIE!! i cant stand u !! i dont know why they need to go on about their "alphaness" so much and i actually want team dork (green) to stay longer than them. they're so weird. i just find their over confidence and arrogance to be really off putting. and i think all of their "support" for the other contestants is so fake and contrived.
as much as i want them voted out, they make for a more interesting show, so we will have to see.
its so obvious green and light blue hate each other and fake smiles for the camera.
ok my little morning rant is over for now.

everyone get twitter. its addictive. kind of. its like facebook status to the max but u dont feel as stupid doing it. because hughsey does it. yay.

photo from

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Disney Couture

I heart Disney Couture stuff!!
The latest range is based on Beauty and the Beast!!
my two favs so far are


Friday, February 20, 2009

New Obsession

I found this in the fridge section of coles the other day. i wasnt sure if i wanted a coffee or a red of those moods. 
anyways, i spotted this new drink and thought MEH but then i read it has 80g of caffeine just like red bull so i thought id try it ! 
and its delish! much better than red bull. ... still has that weird energy drink taste, but i have a new drink to go with my vodka! YAY
and the best thing is its only $2.10. thats more than a dollar cheaper than red bull. YAY.
it also comes in 2 other flavours. i think one was citrus and the other was blood orange and chilli. im not game to try the chilli at all!

and just for no reason here is CS and CS's igloo zoos from yesterday !!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i miss u, hawaii

Lately ive been doing long hours and it kills me and so does the driving to and from work. ACK! today im working 9-6.30 (so far it could be later) and the drive is an hour each way. 
which makes it even longer . draining! ACK!
so to pass the time i dream of a im dreaming of going back to hawaii. 

here is a photo i took last year at the kahala resort.

and here is where we had our morning breakfast....if we woke up early enough...
which wasnt often ! hahaha. but with this view we should of woken up earlier!
i wonder if these people i caught in my photo know they are now forever in my blog !haha

here is a photo of diamond head crater. i plan on actually going here this time instead of saying i would and flaking like last time !! image from

Look at the lovely waterssss...beachhhesss....dont u wanna goooo??? image from

And this time i will go snorkling! I didnt go last time, but i did when i went to hawaii when i was 10. im a wooseface now and i do nothing. but this time i will try snorkle and not be scared of weird jellyfish and odd thing touching me.!!! maybe. ha ! no i will ! i promise. *fingers crossed behind back* image from

And maybe i will try surfing lessons this time?! i said i would last time but im too scared. so maybe i will just convince Couchshopper to do it!
it looks really hard like skateboarding. which looks easy but is hard. u get what im trying to say ! and perhaps if i DO try. it will be on smaller waves. hehehe image from

These things are all lovely , but the best thing about hawaii has not yet been mentioned. I know you are all thinking " oh here is when CS goes on about shopping."
but NO!
its not shopping! *gasp*

its the marvelousness that is Cheesecake Factory !!!!!!!!!

I really miss you CheesecakeFactory. You kept my tummy feeling good whilst i was in hawaii. yummy yummy banana cakes. yummy chocolate and macadamia cakes. lets not forget the reeses pieces peanut butter cheesecake
i love u forever. xoxo

my take aways dont really do them justice. but they are the bomb. ignore the godiva chocolates, i didnt have a photo with just the cakes.

so now ill keep googling images of hawaii to keep me entertained until 6.30
or maybe ill read more of my Twilight book. who knows!!!
the thrilling life of CottonSocks *falls asleep* 

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

30 day shred

i am serious about this 2kg before march 5 although i think i already lost the 2kg. i want to idealy lose another 4kg to get to my ultimate goal weight.
in doing so, i AM making a HUGE difference in my eating/drinking routine.
i normally drink lots of coffee/redbull/coke and now believe it or not, i drink water. and lots. 
i drink coke or red bull only once a week but i still have my morning soy latte. that wont die. unless i see no results and its a last resort. id rather quit alcohol than coffee.
i have  started eating much more often during the day. more small meals instead of the 1-2 huge meals a day i was eating. i found this has made such a huge difference !!!

so for example, in the morning i go to the milk bar before work and i get my soy latte, and i get a fruit salad and a bran muffin. the bran part is important. its not a muffin muffin, its REAL bran and REAL fruit. home made styles, if i get there early enough they are usually still warm from the oven. and i get a take away fruit salad.
i eat the bran and coffee in the morning and then around 11am i have the fruit salad. then lunch time ill have a salad sandwhich. and then for the rest of the day i will have fruit/nuts and sometimes a protein bar.
for dinner i have been having about half of what i used to. i think i was a massive overeater. because i cook my dinners i feel i wasted my time if i dont finish it all. and i hate throwing things in the bin because that means i have to take rubbish out. i try to have no rubbish but putting all the rubbish in my mouth.
this is all going to change!
i made a promise to myself and i deserve to be happy. i think that if this time i get no results i will get liposuction.
this is the first time ive tried to lose weight the right way, 
in the past the only way ive lost weight is with NO eating. and it works, im not going to lie to you, but we all know its not good for you. and now that im older i find it REALLY hard to get through the first 24-48 hours without eating. im working long hours, driving a lot etc and i cant risk passing out.

so back to the exercise part.
ive been walking a lot and whilst i walk i listen to hamish and andy podcasts. they are a godsend. seriously. i cant walk without them.
and ive also been doing this DVD.
its the best
the best. because its so cheesy and corny u cringe your way though. but in 20 mins i promise you will be sweating! and im only at level 1 !!
its easy and it just requires willpower. all of the moves are very basic. and u can do it with baked bean cans and ur floor at home!
2 thumbs up for this dvd.
i must do it more often. it wants you to do it everyday, but seriously i need a day to recover im that sore.

i got mine through ebay for about $30. it was an american release only. but im glad i got it.

now if that doesnt motivate you this little site will.

here is a little sample! there are pages and pages and pages of this stuff.
so disgusting! i dont think i can ever eat anything fried again!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

are these shoes the same?

The other day i used my Country Road "spend n save" voucher and picked up these shoes and a lovely shirt dress ( ill post pics later of the dress )

i really love these shoes. they are copies of the Christian Louboutin shoes i wanted to get about a month ago, but i could never find them in black. Not too sure if they ever came in black?? hmm
anyways, sorry for the quality of the pics on my blog. they are from my iphone.
The texture is "pony hair"
i love them
i was excited with my new purchase only to be slammed by Kiz and MsBlogless about how they are "EXACTLY THE SAME AS MY OTHER SHOES"

i dunno if id say they were exactly the same. but maybe somewhat simular being black. but i dunno. i think i need all four.
does anyone else think these are all the same??

i feel they are all completely different and i need all 4.
yes. i AM right. i DO need all four.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

crazzzyyy heattt

CouchShopper, MsBlogless, Kiz and I all live near the beach in melbourne. 
even during this crazy heat wave we've had this summer we've been to the beach once.
i dont know if the world is ready for me in a bathing suit.
i MIGHT go today. im THINKING about it slightly. maybe. kinda. hehehe.
its just with temperatures like this at 12.43,

its bound to get hotter. and maybe it will be fun. im still not sure.
i dont like seaweed touching my legs. but i get hot hair after. its such a toss up.
i havent fake tanned and my legs are ghastly.
its something to ponder for the day
to beach or not to beach?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

average igloo

this is one average igloozoo. first of all the swirly top bit should be in the middle!!! not falling out to the side. secondly. when it gets really hot and the nectarine goes all brown and mushy, throw it out !! dont pass it off onto me !!!

i have set a goal of losing 2kg before march 5.
i dunno if that is possible with my extreme laziness and lack of motivation but today i will try to do some form of exercise and think of some sort of healthy thing for dinner. hopefully with no carbs.
i dunno if that is possible when u are vegetarian.

Monday, February 2, 2009

saturday night boogie

dancing in this heat deserves free entry and free drinks!!!
atleast i got to wear my new black rats and SG el cheapo shoes!!!

after the club we decided to lord of the fries it because i was feeling seedy as. 
and no suprise they were out of the canadian gravy!
why do they go this? i wish i took a photo of my lord of the fries !!
however next door to 7-11 we spotted a pram that someone had dumped! so weird and random. anyway, CouchShopper decided to sit in it so i could take a photo.
then after this everyone else jumped in the pram but my camera died so i got no pics :(

new buys!

I only just realised that all my new buys are black!! oops. 
I thought lately I had been doing good with trying not to wear black as much but obviously not. haha.
This singlet top/dress I got from S&B at Shoppingtown. Im pretty sure its Vie.
But the fabric is nice and soft and hangs really nicely. I think i can easily wear this layered up in winter too. yay !

Close up of the print with little crystals.

I also bought some new black rats. ha! i dunno why. my old ones were OKAY butt he new cut is awesome. much better than the original cut. they are slightly shorter and tighter and just look way better. im happy with them!

Also my new Christian Louboutins !!! YAY. i still havent worn them out yet! i can stand in them and dance in them but i cant walk in a straight line. HA! i should of taken a better photo where you can see the heel better. because they are REALLY high...around 13cm. !!
i love the studs. LOVE. i feel like im in KISS. yay. for those of you who read my blog from ages ago you might remember i put these on my wishlist. yay! so happy i finally got them :) Thank you net-a-porter free shipping to AUS :D

Also whilst at shopping town i bought these cute little shoes from tony bianco. they are quite high and the heel is in an odd spot but im sure ill get used to these quickly.

I spotted these little cuties whilst at Sportsgirl on sale for $49.95 ! such a bargain! but thats not the best thing about these shoes. they are SO comfy. i danced all night in them and had no problems at all! YAY new dancing shoes that i can bash around...

i bought a couple of other things from diva but i forgot! so i havent taken a photo of them!
maybe i will later.
i need more shopping!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i love my boyfriend BUT....

it makes me mad when he leaves coke cans in the freezer and they explode and i have to clean it up.
p.s i love u

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