Saturday, February 7, 2009

crazzzyyy heattt

CouchShopper, MsBlogless, Kiz and I all live near the beach in melbourne. 
even during this crazy heat wave we've had this summer we've been to the beach once.
i dont know if the world is ready for me in a bathing suit.
i MIGHT go today. im THINKING about it slightly. maybe. kinda. hehehe.
its just with temperatures like this at 12.43,

its bound to get hotter. and maybe it will be fun. im still not sure.
i dont like seaweed touching my legs. but i get hot hair after. its such a toss up.
i havent fake tanned and my legs are ghastly.
its something to ponder for the day
to beach or not to beach?

1 comment:

  1. the answer is always to beach

    i've been plenty of times this summer!


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