Wednesday, February 11, 2009

30 day shred

i am serious about this 2kg before march 5 although i think i already lost the 2kg. i want to idealy lose another 4kg to get to my ultimate goal weight.
in doing so, i AM making a HUGE difference in my eating/drinking routine.
i normally drink lots of coffee/redbull/coke and now believe it or not, i drink water. and lots. 
i drink coke or red bull only once a week but i still have my morning soy latte. that wont die. unless i see no results and its a last resort. id rather quit alcohol than coffee.
i have  started eating much more often during the day. more small meals instead of the 1-2 huge meals a day i was eating. i found this has made such a huge difference !!!

so for example, in the morning i go to the milk bar before work and i get my soy latte, and i get a fruit salad and a bran muffin. the bran part is important. its not a muffin muffin, its REAL bran and REAL fruit. home made styles, if i get there early enough they are usually still warm from the oven. and i get a take away fruit salad.
i eat the bran and coffee in the morning and then around 11am i have the fruit salad. then lunch time ill have a salad sandwhich. and then for the rest of the day i will have fruit/nuts and sometimes a protein bar.
for dinner i have been having about half of what i used to. i think i was a massive overeater. because i cook my dinners i feel i wasted my time if i dont finish it all. and i hate throwing things in the bin because that means i have to take rubbish out. i try to have no rubbish but putting all the rubbish in my mouth.
this is all going to change!
i made a promise to myself and i deserve to be happy. i think that if this time i get no results i will get liposuction.
this is the first time ive tried to lose weight the right way, 
in the past the only way ive lost weight is with NO eating. and it works, im not going to lie to you, but we all know its not good for you. and now that im older i find it REALLY hard to get through the first 24-48 hours without eating. im working long hours, driving a lot etc and i cant risk passing out.

so back to the exercise part.
ive been walking a lot and whilst i walk i listen to hamish and andy podcasts. they are a godsend. seriously. i cant walk without them.
and ive also been doing this DVD.
its the best
the best. because its so cheesy and corny u cringe your way though. but in 20 mins i promise you will be sweating! and im only at level 1 !!
its easy and it just requires willpower. all of the moves are very basic. and u can do it with baked bean cans and ur floor at home!
2 thumbs up for this dvd.
i must do it more often. it wants you to do it everyday, but seriously i need a day to recover im that sore.

i got mine through ebay for about $30. it was an american release only. but im glad i got it.

now if that doesnt motivate you this little site will.

here is a little sample! there are pages and pages and pages of this stuff.
so disgusting! i dont think i can ever eat anything fried again!



  1. DAMN IT...Why did I click on the "this is why your fat" site. NOW IM HUNGRY!!!


    I will eat good food and walk with you too oh and i will do the DVD..but only the beginner. I dont want to get too BUFF!!!

  2. Do I dare look at that site?

    Good on you.

    You can do it. x

  3. go sick cotton socks

    everyones got the bug, just dropped off ms blogless
    to the dvd with you

    i dont have a basketball game tonight, bye week
    so im going for a run

    ps. that website was friggin awesome!

  4. You can do it!
    Once you loose the first kilo it is the best motivation.

    Think of all the energy you will have from light exercising!

  5. I'M So uncoordinated, i cant do this one move step back bend step forward bend..... it reminds me of the Wii game were you have to step a lot.... i cant do it

    Level 2 was hard but super good.
    Kiz wouldn't do it with me

  6. alicia i already lost but i think i look the same.
    i really need to get food poisoning STAT.

    kieran should do the dvd with dion.
    we can watch. they will find it hard and they will realise they we are doing a good job..

    kate u really pushed it last night and i was very proud of you !!

  7. couch shopper and i can do the dvd
    you guys can film it and then we can put it on youtube!

  8. so basically u wont do it if we watch? but u will do it if we film it and put it on youtube?
    how does this work?

  9. Hello darling, thank you for following my pages.
    Remember to be good to yourself, it sounds as though you are quite hard on yourself sometimes!
    I look forward to seeing your progress, my advice would be to eat breakfast at home perhaps? It saves you money and aliviates temptation when you buy your breaky.
    I've been in your position and I know how hard it is. Keep it up, you seem to have the determination to succeed!

  10. OMG this morning JJJ were talking about this website this is why your fat..... it was funny, i think they have been reading your post!!!!!


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