Friday, February 20, 2009

New Obsession

I found this in the fridge section of coles the other day. i wasnt sure if i wanted a coffee or a red of those moods. 
anyways, i spotted this new drink and thought MEH but then i read it has 80g of caffeine just like red bull so i thought id try it ! 
and its delish! much better than red bull. ... still has that weird energy drink taste, but i have a new drink to go with my vodka! YAY
and the best thing is its only $2.10. thats more than a dollar cheaper than red bull. YAY.
it also comes in 2 other flavours. i think one was citrus and the other was blood orange and chilli. im not game to try the chilli at all!

and just for no reason here is CS and CS's igloo zoos from yesterday !!


  1. those drinks are awesome
    i get the citrus one... not game to try chilli either

  2. I saw you in my dreams, we were walking hand in Hawaii....

    I love Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!

  3. was that supposed to be to my other post?


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