Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If Blair can look this off eating a "sammy" then i dont want to be seen eating in public ever again.
i wish i saw this pic before i just scoffed down a scone with jam and cream for breakfast.
what can i say? ladette to lady scones made me want a scone.
i would of got my usual bran muffin but i had to drop Taco off to doggy day care this morning so i was running late and got stuck with Gloria Jeans coffee and scone. ughhhh yuck.
Yesterday i did well with the eating!
i had a "salad sammy" and a fruit salad and a vegetable stew. and water and one coffee.
oh wait
throw in the urban burger i forgot about. but urban burger isnt that unhealthy right? i got the vegan vibe and NO CHIPS! NO CHIPS!
no cheese
healthy! see the biggest lost taught me how to order take out healthy styles! even though i had it before the biggest loser was on.
and while im on the topic, TEAM ALPHA DIE!! i cant stand u !! i dont know why they need to go on about their "alphaness" so much and i actually want team dork (green) to stay longer than them. they're so weird. i just find their over confidence and arrogance to be really off putting. and i think all of their "support" for the other contestants is so fake and contrived.
as much as i want them voted out, they make for a more interesting show, so we will have to see.
its so obvious green and light blue hate each other and fake smiles for the camera.
ok my little morning rant is over for now.

everyone get twitter. its addictive. kind of. its like facebook status to the max but u dont feel as stupid doing it. because hughsey does it. yay.

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  1. Poor Blair...It has to suck being caught like that. Oh well we all gotta eat. Im surprised Perez didnt put a penis in her mouth like he usually does.


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