Saturday, February 28, 2009

yucky yucca

When i first moved into my place there was this hideous yucca staring at me everyday. it clearly suffered from a long time of neglect.
i feel compassion for plants too people! maybe i should stop eating vegetables too?
oxytarian? airatarian? hmm.
water has feelings too you know.
i decided to do a yucca rescue and i like to pretend im on guerilla gardeners or better homes and gardens when i do it.

before photos and after photos:

 i did this all in one day! so i hope it will look better in a month or so when it has time to grow. i gave it some yucca food. osmocoat or something like that!
so if i can make a nice change like that in one day imagine how much better it will look in a month or two.
much better i think.

i feel better now that its looking nicer. i dont like looking at neglected plants.



  1. Jamie Durie eat your heart out.

    Your Yukka is beautiful... now. :)

  2. you did such a good job!!!!! I hope the neighbours fix theirs up too

  3. Very nice...If the neighbours put cigarettes in the plant now I will SMASH them. That is easily the best looking plant in the building now!!! Cotton Socks = Green Thumb


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