Tuesday, March 3, 2009

tall ship to van diemen's land

Yesterday MsBlogess and I were driving home from work listening to Hamish & Andy on the radio. They mentioned they were doing the show live from Williamstown just before setting sail on a tall ship to Tasmania!
I love the guys, i think they are hillarious and we were right at the bottom of the westgate freeway entrance so we thought "why not?" and drove down there....after about 20 minutes of walking around in random boatsheds, parks, trails, and "authorised personal only" areas, we found the show!
yay. it was fun. Taco came along too! we had colas and wines on the grass whilst watching the boys and avoiding being hit with apples from andys catapult.

towards the end of the show we got news that the weather was too bad for them to set sail and now it is postponed until tonight or quite possibly tomorrow now? still not sure.
its for the best! i think they would of been bummed to not go, but better being bummed then lying on the bottom of the Bass Straight im guessing.

After reading Fat Mum Slims blog today i finally got my ass into gear and figured out how to use my poladroid application properly. i think that the photos turned out okay? but u can hardly see hamish and andy . they are ant size in this pic. i guess i should of gone a bit closer for the photo. ahahha.
and on the left is the mast of the actual tall ship they are taking! i couldnt fit the whole ship in my iphone camera.


  1. Wow!! The Polaroid function is really cool. It also makes the photo look old. Could take some really cool blog pics with that.

  2. yea i want polaroid too
    looks awesome


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