Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dancing outfit

Finally another outfit post. i hope to do these more often, but i dont get how to take a photo with the timer. it always cuts off my feet or my head. so i need couchshopper to take them for me and i always forget. or im running late.
anyways, on saturday night, couch shopper, myself and a couple of friends went out for dancing!
first we went to St Jeromes and then the Peel. it was hillarious.
i never thought id dance to the veronicas. but whilst drunk it seemed fun.
i have a fading memory of a certain friend on the podium dancing to britney spears! hahaha
u know who you are !
i was going to post some photos of the night but i wasnt sure how people feel about their photos being on the blog....??? hmm
anyways outfit pic. its pretty dark. im guessing the lighting in my living room is shite.

Jacket - sportsgirl
black singlet - kookai
floral skirt - topshop UK
boots - nine west
necklace - disney couture
handbag - chanel
nails - OPI lincoln park after dark.

and here is a close up of the skirt which is a bit blurry and ughh.
it kinda reminds me of andy warhol. dunno why.
i wish i got a size smaller. i feel the puffyness and pleating is lost because its really quite too big. i had to get a bandage singlet and wrap it around the waist so there something to hold it up.

oh and u can see my flowers of the week in the background! yay. i forgot to snap them up!
i did some more last night so i will have to take a picture of them later

this photo is really big. too big!!


  1. You make me want to go dancing!

    Gorgeous girl. xx

  2. great outfit. you have gorgeous hair!

  3. Ooh that floral topshop skirt is so cute! Love how you've styled it!


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