Tuesday, February 3, 2009

average igloo

this is one average igloozoo. first of all the swirly top bit should be in the middle!!! not falling out to the side. secondly. when it gets really hot and the nectarine goes all brown and mushy, throw it out !! dont pass it off onto me !!!

i have set a goal of losing 2kg before march 5.
i dunno if that is possible with my extreme laziness and lack of motivation but today i will try to do some form of exercise and think of some sort of healthy thing for dinner. hopefully with no carbs.
i dunno if that is possible when u are vegetarian.


  1. Good luck with the weight loss!

    I wanted to go to the Igloo Zone, but then I remembered I'm on a shopping ban! Argh! Oh the timing. I'll be there on the first of March.

    Or do you think Shopping Bans have a Frozen Yoghurt Clause?

  2. thank u !
    i did the 30day shred dvd last nite and im sooo sore today!
    well i think that shopping bans should have a fro-yo clause but the large igloozoo is like $7.50
    which is a massive rip off.
    but im pretty sure its preservative free and the fruit is all fresh so u can share with ur bubba! im saw some ladies doing that there.
    so its like a 2 for 1 thing! your saving money now!
    hahahaha. i can twist anything for shopping! :)


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