Saturday, November 29, 2008

Things i want for the home!

These are a few things i want for the home! I think the only thing i will be getting is this first photo. Its a print on canvas from I emailed them with a request about the weight because i can only use 3M hooks and they were very helpful and prompt. I was 50/50 on whether i would get this but their lovely service made me decide to go for it. Its priced at $250 from memory? and its 740cm high. I think this will go behind the dining table. i will post pics when it comes!
I really love this but i just bought a coffee table from Freedom and i threw out the packaging so i cant return it :(
I love how its just a bit weird. One of my friends has this at his parents house and its a really cool piece that you can use for heaps of purposes.
You can purchase Alessi goods from

This last piece below is also Alessi. Love it! Pick up Sticks fruit bowl!
pity i never display fruit
or else id use this for sure!

I wish i could master blogspot. for some reason i keep getting blue text and cant post links properly!
maybe its cuz im using a mac?


  1. i love the donnie darko colander. my favourite alessi PIECE..... STUNNING

  2. The canvas is cool. Good colour theme you have going in the house.

  3. did u figure out the linking? took me a while! u write what text you want to be the 'clickable' link. then there is a little link button (on the same toolbar as add photo etc) then u put in the actual website address.
    if u already worked it out, then this is useless but anyway! hope i explained it ok :)


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