Thursday, February 17, 2011

I hate wisdom teeth!!

I'm still alive! Only just!!
This past month has been effing horrid.
I had a tooth ache like crazy but I thought it'd go away.
Went to dentist. She said it was my wisdom coming through but I had to go for an x-ray.
Over the next few days it went to the worst pain of my lifeeeee!!
Got the x-rays.
Had to get all 4 out. WAH.
My face became so swollen they had to give me tablets to get the swelling down before my mouth could open.
SOOOOOOOO I had to go into hospital and get all 4 out under general.
Now I've been out of hospital for 8 days and the pain is EVEN WORSE.
Saw the surgeon today and turns out I got a "dry socket" and he shoved some shredded cloves in the hole that went down to my jaw bone. EW.
My mouth tastes off.
I've been so sick from all the pain killers.
Im allergic to panadine forte and nurofen forte so I basically just sit here dying.
So now I sit here $3000 later and I'm still in pain.
I'd rather of got D to rip them out with a bloody set of pliers, shove some vodka on them, use the money to buy a new Chanel bag and call it a day.
I always thought in this country if you need surgery that isn't elective it was free.
I dunno.
Oh well.
Shit happens hey.

Anyway, I thought I would blog some photos now that I'm feeling less druggy.
Back in December, D and I went to a 60th at the Cuckoo in Mt Dandenong. Maybe Olinda? Not too sure.
Anyway. It best the BOMB.

It was so funny. We drank beer from "steins" ??! (huge mugs) and ate lots of potatoes.
I had potato patties, roast potatoes, chips, potato salad.
It was funny.
Then they had this dessert buffet. I thought it was funny to have jam and cream scones at night.
I liked the black poppy seed one the best.
They do a little music and weird kind of interaction with the audience and yodeling.
It was pretty funny.
I think if you go with a good group and drink lots of beer its heaps of fun!
Have you guys been? What did you think?

D is always so busy with work these days and I have no one to take my photos :S
I tried to take a photo in the lift but it's a bit dodgy.
Looks like I did a shit job of ironing my top.
Look at Taco in the corner!! hahahaha

I've been house bound for almost a month now. I'm so over it.
My face looks like Quagmire from Family Guy and I still have bruising.
If I go out people will think D has been bashing me.
Anyway, I need to get better ASAP so I can finish renovating the house we want to sell.



Yum yum!

Hopefully when my face is back to normal I will have some more photos!!

Tell me all your wisdom teeth stories so I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.


  1. FIRST!!!

    Now I will read the post haaaahahahahahaaa

  2. SECOND!!!

    Your teeth will be ok soon. I can feel it in my waters. All the drugs I recommend have codeine because I think it's ACE but it's not good for you. I don't want you to CODE BLUE at home.

    I found out tonight we have to MOVE in 2 months WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH we only signed an 8 month lease and the peeps are coming back. FML. We were really starting to settle in.

  3. I still have my wisdom teeth; I fear stories like yours!!!!

    I heard a story from a client who had hers taken out & her gums got severely infected & she was hours from turning septic! She just sat at home trying to bear the pain until her husband came home - she was so utterly delirious her husband rushed to hospital. Arghh!

    Anyhow, can you take Mersyndol/something with codeine in it for the pain?

  4. OMG
    At the first sign of pain go to the dentist and get an Xray.
    I wish I did it ages ago.
    My gums got v infected and thats why the pain was so intense.
    I really had no idea it was coming. The wisdom tooth was pushing at my jaw under the gum so I had no warning.

    I cant take any opiates so codeine is out!

  5. Glad you're alive and sort of well :-PP

    Love those M&Ms!!

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. Ouch! Poor thing, you'll probably despise me for saying this, but I was born without any wisdom teeth! Although I had to get two deep fillings done last week and I was so scared, I cried before I went to my appointment haha.

    Hope you're feeling better soon x

  7. I got all 4 removed - but not at 1 appointment. 2 at a time it was and it was really painful. I hope D picked you up after the prodedure. 3000$ sounds bad. Maybe you can get a refund. The only up-side back then when I got them removed was the weight loss :-)

    The poppy seed dessert looks quite typical Austrian/Czech/German. :-)
    Hope you are much better soon.

  8. I have had 2 wisdom teeth out in the chair. Did you see them? They are some huge teeth! I might have to have my bottom ones out too, but if I do I want to go to hospital. Although I really hope it won't be $3000 ?! It sucks having to pay so much for something you don't even want.

  9. I had mine out 2 years ago and I was soooo scared of the 'dry socket'!!!!!!!! Thats terrible youre still in pain after so long :( definitely not cool.

    Those M&Ms are the tastiest shiz ever!!!!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  10. I'm really sorry your experience is so awful!

    I had all four of mine taken out on the 1st Feb.. awake in the chair. And i've had virtually zero pain since and had a few days of swelling and that's it.

    I swallowed down some spag bol the first night and had Maccas 4 days later!

    It was $700 in the chair or $1900 for a general so I went with the chair and it was a piece of cake. I was so scared but it was easy!

    Yours sound like they were worse than mine though, they must have been doing damage before you felt the pain. though mine started hurting on and off in 2006 lol.. I finally did something about it!!

  11. I had all four out under general as well. It was horrible! I lived with gauze packed in my mouth for a couple of weeks, YUCK makes me gag just thinking about it.
    My face swelled probably double the size, like the elephant woman.
    I even had a bruise on my chest..? they must have needed extra force.
    I drank loads of smoothies.
    Good way to lose weight – silver lining.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  12. You poor thing! I had all 4 removed in hospital and the pain relief was GOOOOOD! I was out of it for days.

    Hope the pain subsides soon.

    Have fun renovating, we are doing the same at the moment, and it's hell, considering I'm 9 months preggo...


  13. poor darling!

    my story: i had my 4 wisdom toofs out under general. and the holes got infected! it tasted like a sewer in my mouth(!!!!) and my face was so swollen for about 2 weeks. so painful! my face went yellow from the painkillers, which did not even work! moral was very low.
    i missed my friends 21st and she didn't talk to me for a year. haha. that part was funny.

    feel better soon!

  14. Sucks about the wisdom teeth :( Hope you're feeling better though!! The pain sounds too intense for me. And you were totes right, a spot opened up for me for my other course and I got in :)

  15. ahhh that sounds absolutely horrid!

    I had to get all 4 of mine taken out when I was in my teens, before I got braces. They hadn't even come through yet so I didn't have much pain. I think it all went pretty routine. Bummed though because I got them taken out during holidays and not during school term haha. I guess that's pretty petty considering what you're going through right now.

    Hope you get better soon! All the more reason to treat yourself afterwards too!


  16. Poor you.
    My D has just had 3 out and it all went swimmingly till Day 3 when she had the most excruciating pain.
    Days later finally off to the surgeon and she had something mysteriosuly called a 'pocket' that was the problem. Syringing with a needle like device x 2 a day *ouch* did the trick but not fun at all.
    She lived on souffle the first few days and we got seriously good and making yummy cheese ones!
    Ps Please go off and buy yourself a lovely hermes piece to FF it up!
    Kate Bx

  17. you poor thing! Pls buy an hermes ashtray to cheer your little self up.

    I have full insurance and have spent a fortune on this pregnancy in terms of medical fees...annoying

    your hair looks so nice xx

  18. I am not sure whether I have wisdom teeth, but if I do, they have not hurt. Wish they would, because I love pain killers and also icecream and mashed potatoes and similar nutritionally poor but mushy foods. $3k is totally worth not being awake while they pull out your teeth. I could not hack that at all. Love your renovation outfit, is that *really* what you wear?

  19. You poor thing! Wisdom teeth surgery can really suck. I had all 4 of mine out 18 months ago under a GA, was v lucky, minimal bruising and swelling, no post-op infections. One of mine did ache like buggery because it was badly impacted and they really had to wrench it out.

    Oh and yes, it totally sucks that dentistry is not covered by Medicare - without private health I don't think I could have afforded mine to come out!

    I hope you feel better very soon xxx

  20. Oh Noes! I hope you feel better soon.
    I have to get my wisdoms out in two months time - the bottom ones are pushing my teeth together and I can't fit floss in between them and they are cracking and shizz.

    I'm getting them out in the chair though so I am a bit terrified about that. AND I'm allergic to codeine so it's going to be major fun and games!

    I hope your chipmonk face gets better hun. xoxox

  21. Oh my god you poor thing! I had to get my wisdom teeth out a year or so ago and it was bad but no where near as bad as that (I got two taken out on one side, then the two on the other side later) :(

    I hope you make a full recovery soon x Sushi

  22. time for an update Missy, how are your teeth?

  23. HOW DO YOU DO ... wisdom teeth

    Argh, owwh ere, mnmm, waaaaorr, ntss, orr, a, a, a, geee, iiioouu, fuufuu, this is often the greeting you give to your new gum piercing wisdom teeth. Welcome to pain, wisdom pending...

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