Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Happy Holidays everyone.
I am so sick at home BLERUUGHH.
But then i remembered i had a digi cam and can take some random picas and make a bloggy.
lets hope i don't pass out by the end.
it may take a while. i am delirious and dizzy eyed.

okay. that made me feel ill and i had to have a lay down.

so here are the photos i took this arvo.

my puppies say merry xmas. kind of. HA

and here is my xmas tree that is still up. i have been too ill to take it down.
wah. i will hopefully do it this weekend.

Hello Kitty says Hi.

left over presents for perth peeps that i am yet to see.

 hello little teddy bear. how cute are you? i got this one from myer.

D bought us this lamp. Isn't it the best?
Do you like how i embrace the asian way of covering electrical cords with fake flowers?
I know you do.

god my head hurts.
i haven't eaten since friday. i had a  few crackers last night and it hurt a lot.
i want out.

i see on the news now there are some bush fire issues in NSW.
thats so horrible :(

is everyone on a health kick for the new year?
i wish i could say I'm on a fat kick but I've got so out of control with the eating since the wedding.
in order to be healthy, i ordered skin care from strawberry net.
this is way easier than eating good or exercising.
the post man came this morning at 7am banging like a mad man and yelling " HELLOOOO"
i didn't answer because
a. im sick as and it was 7am and i was in bed
b. don't know if I'm contagious still

he stayed for about 5 minutes while the dogs went ballistic. how weird.
and now i got a note saying i have to pick it up at a post office 3 suburbs away.
balls because i can't


  1. get well soon! We are on diets. But is hard because so much stuff like chocs and pudding in house - luff the dogs with santa the lamp and your tree!

    1. xmas treats are the best and their calories don't count.

  2. Loving that lamp. And your wrapping paper. WHY aren't you in the doggy Xmas photo???

    1. i was so hung over and only woke up 10 mins before the booking. wahh!!
      next year next year!

  3. Hope you get well soon

    I love that lamp

    I am on also on health kick, its boring already and I'm only 2 days in

    1. i can't even make a full day. let alone two.
      you are doing great!

  4. hahaha love the Santa photo! brilliant x

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Loving your tree x

  6. I'm on a health kick for wedding in seven months. Borrrinnnggggg

    I LOVE the dogs Santa photo. I wanted to do it this year but was unsure as I didn't know it was allowed. So doing it next yr

  7. Haha, what a nice Santa, hope all your puppies' wishes came true! I love your lamp, where did he get it from? Hope you feel better soon, and get to collect your parcel.

    1. thank you! i am feeling better.
      i got it from south melbourne market!

  8. I want my tree to look like your tree next year.

  9. Oh the puppies look very cute in the xmas get-up!
    Hope you are on the mend too.
    K x

  10. R!!!
    Hope you're feeling better. I'm sure you are since this was over a month ago. I was going to say something but now I forgot. Typical.
    I tried to scroll through your pictures to make me remember but it has seriously gone.
    I am trying to be healthy!! Took up dodgeball and am in serious pain from injuries that were sustained. Balls flying at me make me sacared. I'm getting better. I miss Taco and Axl - We should get the pupppies together sometime?

    - KK xxx

  11. Beautiful Pics! You've got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from the UK :*

  12. I miss your posts!! please continue your posts when you have time, its one of my fav blogs

  13. miss your posts! please keep them up :D


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