Friday, April 26, 2013

Things I Need..... okay want. bleh

I think i ned these items.
miss louise said they are getting the shoes in. yay. i tried them on in hawaii last week but they sold out of my size.
going shopping next week so the sass and bide tshirt will be my first stop.

i think i am going to start blogging again.
i am too lazy to take photos with a camera but i got a new iPhone and the camera works so i will use it.
maybe blogging will help me become motivated to lose the massive TEN KILOS i put on after our wedding. i am proud of all my eating. it was a glorious time.


  1. HOW coincidental! I was actually thinking about WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FINALLY UPDATE YOUR BLOG!
    I think that is a wonderful idea and yes you should totally blog again.

    LOVE those shoes (and top too) they definitely suit you. Black looks awesome on blondes.

    You seriously do not look like you have put on 10 kilos!! You dont NEEED TOOOOO!!

    OK its 4 so i'm going to finish work now. I was going to write abit more but hometime gets me excited.

    - KK xxx

  2. Yay you're back! I am a bad commenter but I have been following you.

    I was my fattest (pleasantly plump) at my wedding .. I lost 17kg afterwards. Go figure. But you are gorgeous and I didn't even notice, so maybe it's somewhere hidden away?


  3. OMG those shoes are incredible! hope you get them so I can live vicariously through you. yay I'm glad you're blogging again x

  4. Love those shoes so much. Saw them when I was in Paris last month and was desperate for them (although because I'm 102, I preferred the sensible lower heel style) and I'm kicking myself for not adding them to my credit card bill. Welcome back to blogging x

  5. yes I need you to start blogging. Do not talk to me about weight gain. Get back to me when you are 40 and stuff your face with cheesecake 24/7 xxxx


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