Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back in Perth

I've been in Perth for about 5 days now and I've been really lazy with the blog/photos/internet.
I only have internet on my phone and iPad. I should blog about my iPad next! Forgot about that.
Anyway. I have to be quick.
Here is what I am wearing now to go to dinner. Possibly for chinese food in Northbridge.

I am wearing:
Zara Jacket
Topshop skirt
Louis Vuitton scarf
Hermes bangle
Zara boots.

My facial expression can only be described as "stupid". Hahaha. Possible also "awkward" hahaha. Incase you were wondering what D was wearing. He you go!
I am trying to teach him how to take "outfit photos". It's so hard.
As you can see, we weren't matching. I don't think FF would be proud. Next time we are matching I will have to take a photo!

Incase any men read my blog or you guys like to shop for your boyfriends, D is wearing:

Bape shirt
Topshop jeans
Alife sneakers
Topshop hat

I love the long pockets on the back of his jeans. My mum didn't. She said it was "home boy baggy ass looking"
errr. okay mum.

Here is a close up of his tweed shoes I made him buy. They are so cute.
Hopefully D will get how to take outfit photos now from this blog.

Here is my new Sass & Bide beanie that I got the other day on King St.
I like that it is saggy at the back. I was pretty not into at the start but D convinced me to get it and I'm glad I did. It looks better on him though.

A nice church in the CBD of Perth.

One of the main shopping strips of Perth CBD where David Jones and Borders is....

Here is a close up of my Sass & Bide beanie.
They come in two other colours too. A grey and a sandy beige type of neutral colour.
My friend got the grey one last week. It will look really cute on her. Can't wait to see it A!

I have to run off to dinner now.
If any Perth people have some recommendations on what is good in Perth let me know!

Ciao !!!


  1. I really love this outfit, especially that Zara jacket. And re: the keratin treatment, your hair looks super, I'm going to try to get one done as well.

  2. I started following your blog with all of your Japan photos, I lived there in Tokyo for a year in 2005 and loved it. So when I see you are in my home town asking about places to eat and drink my first thought is.. oh goodie, great I can help here with some fab suggestions! Then fingers poised over the keys I realise that having been away from Perth for eight years living in London I have no clue where to suggest!! :D

    Northbridge has always had some great places, it used to be pretty good for Asian food in most of them.

    When you come to London I will have some great ideas! ;)

    Nice to see some fab reminders of home in your photos and again I really enjoyed your Japan posts! X

  3. have you been to the greenhouse bar on st georges terrace? That place is awesome...


  4. yay perth!
    Tiger Tiger+PanrtyDoor+Soto+Velvet for coffee
    William street for asian food-go aaaallll the way to the end of it thats where all the good shit is.
    Drinks- Greenhouse-ezra pound-399-Wolf lane....

    Hit me up on my blog if you want any more info!

    April Rose

  5. You both look adorable! I love that jacket and scarf. You 'do is looking good. Well Done. x

  6. There are a couple of Indian places in Subiaco (Rokeby Rd?) that are pretty good. One is a casualish lunch-type place, and the other one has more glamour going on. They're owned by the same people, I think.

    I love that your bracelet matches your jacket.

    Isn't it funny that boys don't 'get' outfit posts? LH is an excellent landscape photographer, and really good at still life, but he sucks at outfit pics.

  7. It is not always necessary to match, but I say next time, give it a go!

  8. Awesome outfit.
    The scarf is amazing - I have been looking for a leopard print scarf - havent been able to find one i got a black and white leopard print one (guess it is snow leopard print)? Beanie also gets tick of approval. Tis sweeet.

  9. LOVE the beanie.

    D's jeans are great. H has FCUK ones like that. I'm VERY hesitant to buy him stuff online because he is so tall 6ft 5 and it's hard to find stuff that fits.

    The Alfie's are great. I don't own any Alfie kicks, I'm a strictly Nike girl but my brother wears Alfie.

  10. Helvetica (www.helvetica.bar.com)is a small bar with great cocktails where you can have a good chat. And it even has armchairs you can cosy up in on a rainy winter evening.

    Andaluz (www.andaluzbar.com.au) also has great drinks and tasty tapas.

    Have fun :)

  11. Yay Perth!
    Love the beanie - I am yet to visit the Sass & Bide store on King St...how sad.
    If you are still in Perth you should definitely go to Mela Indian Restaurant.
    It is at: 428 William St, Northbridge.
    Well priced, food is divine and they do amazing vegetarian food. I think I have mentioned it to you before!
    Have a great time! xxx

  12. That sass & bide beanie is just stunning. I have only worn my grey one once but i think it is going to make regular appearances this winter.

  13. I was going to give a few suggestions but then realised I didn't even know there was a Sass & Bide in Perth so I am probably totally out of the loop!!

  14. Love the beanie!!
    Good bars?

    The George on St Georges Tce in the city ($10 cocktails on Sat nights)... The Hula Bula Bar (forget the street but its near the Duxton in the city), Devilles Pad on Aberdeen St in Northbridge (Horror themed bar)...

    and the best part about WA is the wine tours!! If you can't make it to Margaret River - You can do a Swan Valley Wine Tour leaving near the bell tower - it's along the river with wine all the way to the wineries in the Swan Valley - BEAUTIFUL!!! Have Fun!! x

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Cute! I love the beanie :) Even more impressed that your bf chose it! I can hardly get my boyfriend to stop playing his iphone when we're shopping, lol :)

  17. You look perfect! Have fun in Perth!

  18. Ah love your outfit (and your boy's!). That scarf is the nicest leopard print anything I've ever seen. Seriously considering on now x Sushi

  19. So funny seeing photos of my city on another blog, you make it look like such an exciting place!

    x Jess

  20. Great style sweety:)

    And the hat was amazing...

    Have a great day - SP


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