Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winter Greys

Perth is nice during the day but at night it can get a little cool.
I bought this new scarf from Country Road at DJs. It was 30% off! Yay!

Grab cardigan
Topshop skirt
Urge boots
Country Road scarf
Sass & Bide beanie.
Chanel bag

I love the stitch used in this scarf.

Here is what D wore.
The next day he wore the exact same outfit so that I wouldn't want to photograph him for my blog. Hahahha. He is sneaky.

Zara leather jacket
Ezekiel shirt
Icecream tshirt
Topshop Jeans
Alife shoes
Topshop hat

Perth is very pretty at night...and very quiet..
Any city that has palm trees in its CBD is fine by me...

Starting to miss Perth already...
Came back early on Friday morning. Melbourne is cold.
I am struggling!

We had South Indian food in Northbridge at Maya Masala.
I like Masala Dosais and garlic naans!

We ate in Northbridge 6 out of 8 nights while in Perth. Hahahaha.
And 4 nights in a row at the same place.

Thank you everyone for your Perth tips!!!
I got to try a few of them out and I am going to try the rest out next time I'm in Perth.
You guys are the best!!
Thank you so much :) !!


  1. Your boy dresses really cute. How old are you guys, if you dont mind me asking? x

  2. You young kids look Adorable and cosy. Well Done.

  3. hehe - my boy dresses just like that - same outfit days in a row. Love your blog - just read from start to finish. You're very cute :)

  4. love the scarf. next pay day a new scarf is on my list!! maybe ill head to CR xoxo

  5. We never have to look at the menu at our fave Indian - Masala Dosai and Butter Chicken all the way baby!


  6. Ahh! greyscale has never looked this good

  7. I love what you are wearing. Shades of grey are my favourite. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Awwwh, you both look amazing! Love the detail on your new scarf, its so cool. If I had one I'd be showing it to everyone ahaha.
    That food looks delicious!

  9. We are style soulmates!
    Those boots look soooo good on you!
    Glad you enjoyed Perth.

  10. I am sooooooooooo jealous of your beanie xx

  11. Loving the his n hers pics!

    hey I want your advice too cause you have the best meals. Good special birthday dinner spot!? Was thinking Cutler and Co (booked out), Vue (booked out) .. so I've gone with Coda. Im still semi undecided...

    Any thoughts!?

  12. ps. Almost bought the same scarf, but decided Im buying too much grey! But it's so cool!

  13. this outfit looks really laid back! love it :)

  14. love your outfit.
    your scarves are so pretty (the lv one from the last- i envy you for it :))

  15. adorable beanie


    (following u now,pls follow me back too if u like)

  16. You look so chic and comfy! Very hard to master but you have mastered it effortlessly !

    XX Ms S

    Ps. I have watched all of the city season 2 well up to part 6 and its freaken hilarious.

  17. 能猜得出女人真實年齡的男人也許耳聰目明,但肯定毫無大腦。哈哈!............................................................

  18. love the outfit! reminds me of alexander wang chic :)
    that scarf stitch is very unique indeed, great find!

    x amie

  19. Glad you liked Velvet! they have some cute staff there too haha.

    Im heading to NY soon and i read your post on Quantas and their shit vegetarian food.. do you know if i can bring snacks on with me?
    Im a novice international flyer!!

    Thanks a bunch

    April rose

  20. I visited Perth once a long time ago:)
    And loved it...

    Nice style, and a good looking man is never wrong:)

    Have a wonderful day - SP

  21. you've given me massive indian cravings!!! dammit!!!! i'm lurkign your blog cos you've been absent!! come back!! xx

  22. Are you having a little bloggy holiday ? I miss your posts

  23. hi cottosocks! might sound strange, but I am kinda relieved to read that you don't post that frequently in June. First I was too busy, then offline, the sick. Seems as if June is a busy offline-month for parts of the blogsphere!
    Of course I am looking forward to reading more from you, soon!

  24. love your scarf! :)

  25. I adore that scarf, looks so warm and cuddly!!!


  26. Love a good Indian feed. That place must be really good, you went back 4 consecutive dinners.

    Glad you had fun in Perth, I'm looking at the comments in your previous post and it's a good guide. I'm looking forward to going to Perth =)

  27. Thank you everyone !!! :)
    I'm in Perth and I don't have the Internet so I probably won't be able to blog for another few days :(

  28. wow i like your outfit so so so in love :D WOW

    check mine

    xoxo, ayu

  29. cottonsocks,
    looking forward to reaading and seeing more from you soon! right now the band-width struck your blog once again.

  30. hey what's happened to your blog!? It's all photobucket alerts?? :?


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