Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello !

Long time, No see !

I haven't been taking any photos lately, but i just uploaded some old photos from camera to share.
This is from Perth about a month ago?
Sometimes I cant be effed with clothes and I just wear something of Ds.
Nice and baggy and easy and comfy!

Ds Bape shirt
Sass & Bide shorts
Sass & Bide beanie
Zara boots

I love these boots. Mainly because of the buckles and the comfort factor!
I wear them nearly every day. I should get them topy'ed so they last longer!

Here are some photos of foods I recently ate!

These are from MAMASITA on Collins st.
Yummy. I could eat guacamole every day!

Here is a cheese and mushroom tortilla and some sort of vegetables cooked in a red pepper.
They were nice.
For drinks I had the mamasita margarita. It's very nice!
D had this red chili beer type cocktail that was also nice. Sounds gross though!

This was supposed to be some sort of mint dessert but really was just some sort of custard shiz. EW. I had two mouth fulls. Yuck.
Ignore my deer in headlights expression.
Hahahha. So stupid.

I wore a S&B tshirt
with a
Kate Moss for Topshop vest

This dessert sounded so exciting.
Jalepeno and chocolate ice cream.
It tasted like chocolate ice cream.
I dunno where the jalepenos were.

Next we have the newish MAZE restaurant at Crown Metropol.
I really loved the food! Will be back for sure!
The staff all seem very young there and it was quite hard to get attention for drinks etc.
Then once you finally do its about a 10 min wait.
So we started ordering heaps at once so we weren't constantly without a drink.

We did the vegetarian degustation. I think it was 8 courses.
My favourite dish of the night was the first dish, the soup. But I took no photo.
D and I both thought it tasted like Aperge in Paris.

I wore this black Country Road knit that has a sparkle through it. But the camera didn't really pick it up.

Here is a course which was basically beetroot with goats cheese.

This was some sort of potato salad with the thinest sliced avocado ever! Very impressive.
Almost looks like cucumber!

Cauliflower dish.

The bread there is so delicious!!! They serve it in this warm steel canister so it stays warm, and serve it with salt and seaweed butter.

Here for dessert we have a lamington thing.
We also had a carrot cake.
I didn't like either of the desserts.
I think I'm not into 95% of deserts. I'd rather eat salty chips anyday!

Then after dessert you get these strawberry ice cream balls covered in white chocolate.
Which we also didn't eat.
Its all too much sweet and sugar.
Three desserts Bleughh.
But I think most people would really enjoy it!

Here is two random shots from NOBU
If you guys go there you must try this cocktail!!
SO GOOD x 10000
Its a raspberry and hazelnut martini.
Best sweet drink!!
I usually dont like sweet alcohol drinks but this one is v nice!

Cute tasting plate!!
I like small little desserts to try.

I will try and take some more photos of recent purchases etc.
Winter makes me not want to take photos.
Being in Perth so much makes blogging difficult also because I don't have the internet there :(
I am still trying lots of new places in Perth.
Thank you once again to all of you guys that suggested places for me !

Have a lovely day :)
People down south, rug up!


  1. Welcome Back CS!
    OOHHH How yummy!
    I love your hair also !

    Ms S Xx

  2. Yay you're back :) You couldn't eat a strawberry dessert? sacrilege! Love the vegetarian degustation, it looks so good :)

  3. cotton socks, have you been on vacation in perth? the dining-scene seems to be decent. funny you don't fancy sweet desserts. yes, you probably feel very comfy in japan since the sweetest they can go is red beans-ice-cream :-))

  4. thank God you are back. I would've eaten those strawberry icecream thingies xxx

  5. Yay! I wondered when you were going to update, I was missing your posts! As usual, love the outfits, all that food looks DELISH!! As per usual you have me drooling :)
    Take care, cant wait to read more updates!

  6. Yayaayayayaaa love it!! Food looks awesome, we're keen to get to Mamacita's my brother eats there a few times a week. Love the use of D's Bape shirt, I wear Hamish's XXL clothes and look like I am drowning... it's quite hilarious.

  7. Nom nom nom, all of that food looks fantastic! And those cocktails, mmmm.
    Love the adorable little beanie! x

  8. YAYYYY welcome back!! I have no idea where your comment on my blog disappeared though?? Are you in Perth permanently now?? xx

  9. Good to see you back! haha. All the food looks delicious, as usual. I go out for brekky/lunch/dinner so much these days but i feel like such a knob taking photos in cafes and restaurants. I think I need to just forget what other people think and do it! Delicious foods should be documented. haha

  10. yayieesss I missed your posts.
    grrr i replied to your cute commnent but my comments are deleting?
    haha im a country gal and i dont mind a bit of fire or a sheep or two!

    April Rose

  11. Yay, you're back! Those foods look v. yummy, especially the thinly sliced 'cado. I can barely get 'cado out of the skin, so anyone who can do so and make it look so cute has my utmost respect.

  12. oooh nice. Am thinking about MAZE, i read verty mixed reviews so I held off, but now I want to go. Service sounds like a bugger tho (it's annoying when the food is exy!)

  13. oooh nice. Am thinking about MAZE, i read verty mixed reviews so I held off, but now I want to go. Service sounds like a bugger tho (it's annoying when the food is exy!)

  14. Gah we were dying to go to MAZE when we stayed at Metropol last month but they were booked out for ages! We're too lazy to make bookings at restaurants. The food looks goood!

  15. Welcome back to Perth! Hope you have fun down south!
    Love D's shirt on you - very cool, relaxed look and those boots!! I want!
    Your posts always make me so hungry too.
    If you're looking for somewhere to have dinner whilst in Perth you should try Chapter One in Subiaco - divine and desserts are amazing!

  16. I have wondered where you've been!
    Welcome back!

  17. Oh this seriously looks AMAZING!! Want it all xo

  18. The Jalapeno part of the chocolate icecream at Mamasita is the praline ontop, which just tasted like toffee but then had a spicy aftertaste and the mint dessert is like a creme caramel but with a hint of mint, my friend hated it as well. i loved it.

  19. Definitely am glad that you're back!! I'm not sure how many times I clicked on your blog hoping to see a new post :P (Haha I may definitely sound like a stalker...but I was on my uni swotvac so I was looking to procrastinate!) Love your stuff. That beanie is cute, you pull it off wonderfully. x Deb

  20. You are so pretty! :)


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