Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Weeekeeennddd

Hey everyone!!
Thank you all for welcoming me back :)
I thought no one had noticed I stopped.

On Wednesday I took photos for a friends T-shirt label.
It was fun but a lot harder than I expected.
I have zero photography skills. The only photos I take are the ones you see here.
But I think they were happy with the results.

While M was changing into different Ts, D, his brother and I were mucking around.

Here is D pretending he is some sort of break dancer. Which is 1000% not. Hahaha.
This photo is kind of convincing though. Hahahhaa

Here is Ds brother trying to be cool. Which is 1000% not. Hahaha.
I think he had fun. He is on school holidays now so it was great to have his help.
I think it took his mind of VCE for a day so thats good too.

Here is me trying to do a jump shot. Ughh. HAHAHAHA. I think it's pretty obvious I need to exercise more.
Or practice jumping without pulling crazy faces.

Here is a keyring I got in Tokyo. It's cute. I dont know where I will use it.

The night before the photoshoot we went to Nobu for dinner.
We ate/drank a lot. It was glorious.
I heard yesterday that Robert De Niro is in town. I like to think he was dining with me that night and I just didn't notice.
Here is my new S&B top. It's from the new season but looks almost identical to everything from the last season.
I liked that it had a high neck. D thinks I always have my "rack out" so I'm pretty much going to only wear turtle necks from now. HAaaaaaaa.
He is going to not like that I wrote that. Hahahaaaaa too bad he doesn't have the internet right no so he can suck it.
My nail colour is Chanel Lotus Rouge. It matched my drink!

A few weeks ago I went to ACMI to see the Banksy film Exit through the Gift Shop.
It was fun. I felt bad for Mr Brain Wash. They made fun of him a little too much perhaps. I dunno. I felt bad for him.
Anyway, I liked this huge thing outside so I took a photo. Just found it then!

Along with these photos too!
I got a Nespresso machine about a month ago.
I love it.
It's so easy and no cleaning.
I recommend them. Obviously it doesn't compare to "real" coffee but its nice quick and easy to make while I'm getting ready in the morning.

I love the cute little pods that come with it!

I love photographing roses.
They always look so much nicer in close up photos than real life.

I am watching TV and relaxing tonight. I feel so burnt out from the last 2 months.
I think I need to sleep for 3 days to catch up.

I am heading back to Perth tomorrow so I will try and take some more photos this week!
However I might not be able to blog :(
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. cooool postt!

    ps. im glad you're back

  2. I think you kids need to bring a rap mat and boom box to Tribe.

    Does your Chanel NP chip easily?! Mine does and it drives me NUTS, my Dior doesn't chip so bad. Perhaps I'm not using the right topcoat or primer.

  3. P.S is that a Belton can in the photo of D breaking??? if it is that's gold, bring on the elements.

  4. thanks adelaide!!!

    Mez - Haha. I'll DM you. As for Chanel Polish. I LOVE IT. I think its almost as good as OPI. Mine doesn't chip. But I dont think I've ever had a chipped polish in my life. I paint them often. Atleast every 2 weeks so that might be why?

  5. I definitely missed your posts! I kept checking my blog roll thinking that it wasn't working properly and I wasn't getting updates when I should.

    A belated welcome back :)


  6. Hi sweet,
    Can you please tell me how much your sass and bide top was and where you got it from. It's beautiful!

  7. bubbles - thank you :-D

    twodollar_love - thanks :) i got it from the chadstone S&B shop but i cant remember exactly how much. I think it was around $200. HTH :)

  8. ooo perth sucks at the moment. Very cold and very quiet. Go to the bird on william st though, fridays they have jazz bands and what not.

    have fun :)

  9. what a cool post, what a cool live!
    you seem to have such a good time.
    glad I live in a satisfying relationship, coz if not I would have to envy your life!

    and yes, D DOES look like a break-dancer. no doubt.

    I agree on the roses, they are thankful in front of the lens. I prefer white and peach.

    every 2 WEEKS! thats a lifetime, transferred to nail-polish-life. hehe.

  10. Those little coffee thingys are really cute, love the colours! Hearting your bear too xx

  11. you do chic so effortlessly cottonsocks.
    Your S&B top is also fantastic!!!
    Ms S Xx

  12. Ahhh the S&B top is amazing. Love the photos of you guys mucking around. And I'm very jealous of your nespresso machine, methinks I need one! x

  13. Apparently Mr Brainwash is a banksy creation!? Like- not real.

    Which totally bums me out because i loved that film and was completely SUCKED IN.


  14. excellent! love the jumping snaps! you look so pretty x

  15. The photos from the t-shirt shoot look like heaps of fun! Practicing jumping without pulling faces sounds like an exercise within itself. Latest exercise fad perhaps? Take that, Zumba!

  16. Love the t-shirt snaps, they look really fun :) Love your new S&B top, it looks gorgeous with your nail polish. Every 2 weeks is amazing dedication, I'm so lazy with mine!

  17. I love photographing roses too! They are so beautiful in so many ways it's really hard to really capture everything. And LOL jumping photos are so hard to get right aren't they the ratio of no. of shots to good photo is about 30-1.

    BTW I'm waiting for the day i run into in the city you know, after you saw me and didn't say hi :(


  18. 開心不開心都是一天,祝您能夠笑著面對一切!............................................................

  19. the shoot looked like a lot of fun! that keyring is so adorable! wishing you could post more :)

  20. Hi Cotton.
    That coffee is the best:)
    Love the nails...

    From Norway have a very nice day:)

  21. i'm TRYING to learn manual settings on my SLR and it is so confusing. i have to take 1000000 shots before i get that perfect one. lets just say my friends are super patient or super vain. haha.

    p.s. how did you even get that much air in your jump?! pretty sure i can only jump 10cms off the ground. damn being a giant xx

  22. You're hair looks fantastic in the pic of you at Nobu!

  23. Hi cottonsocks! I've seen you commenting on another blog, you are online. hehe

    wanted to let you know you became my rolemodel on my way to going blonde! the pics woth taco (I hope I got his name right, at least it's the name of the file) show not only your dog but also your hair in the most beautiful way!

  24. i need a new brewer... but i need sth w/ a grinder in it... not too many choices...


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