Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am doing a detox!!

I am sitting here in bed at 12 terrified of the thought of the next three days.
What have I donnneee???

I read about the Urban Remedy detox on Marlo Perry's blog.
I thought I wanted to try it. I dunno why.
Probably the cutesy packaging.
Lets not lie. I am easily sucked in by things like that.
Ok but more seriously, I think it was because it didn't require pills and powders.
That kind of detox seems weird to me.

For those of you who don't know, I will be drinking 6 juices a day for 3 days and that is it!
You can have water and herbal teas too.

I think I was drawn in by the challenge of not eating for 3 days.
I think there is no way in hell I can pull this off.
I'm trying to remember of the money I'll be flushing down the toilet if I cheat. I will use this as a motivator.
I will try and blog the next three days so I can be honest about my experience.

I think if when it comes to being told I can't eat something, it's going to be all I think about for the next three days.
Today I kept thinking I need to stock up on three days worth of food so I dont get hungry. Hahah. I resisted temptation mainly.
Although, I did have an extra coffee before dinner.

I just hope the next three days go by quickly.

I will try and take some photos of recent buys too!
I need to get my ass into gear with this whole blogging thing I know.
I just find myself really not into computer things lately.
The work I've been doing is off computers and out of the house so I guess less time at home as well.
I've learnt a lot about toilets and showers. It's been interesting!!


  1. good luck! i've never done it, unless "not eating much for 2-3 days 'cause i was feeling crap" counts!

  2. Hahaha. It kind of does!
    The "gastro diet"
    or "food poisoning diet"

  3. I saw that post too and thought, hmmmm I could do that. Perhaps I'll use you as a guinea pig and see how it goes for you :)


  4. Good luck! Very tempted to try this in the lead up to Japan the week after next.

    I will seek out your Tokyo places when we go. Thanks for blogging BTW.

    SSG xxx

  5. you are brave. I am avoiding junk food, cream, butter and cocktails for 2 weeks and walking home from work- someone has unsubscribed from my blog because of this! Anyway, god luck!

  6. Noooo don't cheat!! If you read my posts you'll see I struggled unlike Marlo - she was a champ!! Night one I cried cos I thought I was starving myself so I ate half an avocado just for the solids in my mouth feeling.

    Try and eat well for two weeks after.

    It's hard while doing it but rewarding afterwards

    Good luck xoxoxo email me if u need support or someone to bitch too - yep I got moody lol

  7. good luck!! looking forward to reading about it.. i'm scared! i'm gonna do it next week!

  8. Good luck! You'll be fine!

    The $$ factor is a good motivator, I never thought of it like that.

    I usually pretend that I'm on some sort of court ordered detox so that if I attempt to eat something (in the really dark hours) then cops will turn up at my door instantaneously and whisk me off to prison.

    Hope the three days flies by! x

  9. Good luck! I'm starting my cleanse next wednesday, I'm a little nervous and don't know if I can stick to it. Although I'll remind myself of all the money I wasted if I don't.

  10. I need to detox! I might have to copy you! I know soooooo many people detoxing that I need to jump on this :-)... 3 days seems achievable... Will be looking at your updates and evaluating whether this is a good move or not?! Go Cotton, go! xx

  11. Oh I want to do this!
    I tried doing the lemon detox and lasted half a day. Now I cant look at lemons the same.
    Hopefully this is better!
    Cant wait to see your review!

    Ms S Xx

  12. I'm embracing healthy living and have been told I am "crash dieting" on my blog and people have unsubscribed because of it. I've also been accused of being an alcoholic! Jesus Wept. Meanwhile pls answer my question on my blog xxx

  13. Now I want to do the detox!! I really want to get my summer body back. It didnt come back the most recent summer so I need to work really hard this year :/ Let me know how you go!!

    and also miss cotton socks, I use a 28-80mm Nikon lens but for the blog Frankie uses 10-20mm. What camera are you using at the mo?? Mine's a d100...oldie but a goodie x

  14. Hi Cotton:)
    Sounds like a hard diet to be one....no food????

    That sounds HARD:)
    But then again we can do anything we put our minds toooo....so gooooo girl:)

    Personally i think detox is a good way of cleaning out once system....maybe i will try it myself...

    Keep us posted:)

    Have a smashing day - SP


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