Thursday, July 29, 2010

Urban Remedy Cleanse : Day 1

YAY! I survived day 1.

I was pretty scared on Tuesday night. Thinking "Why the hell am I doing this?"
I wanted to binge so badly but refrained.
It was just instinct to eat 3 days worth of food!!!

OK so

Apple, Lemon, Cos Lettuce, Celery, Silverbeet, Parsley, Cucumber.
This juice tasted very "detoxy" something I wouldn't choose to drink but tasted like some sort of healthy juice. Ha. I can pick up more on the celery and parsley in this juice than the other flavours. I wish they had used continental parsley instead of regular parsley. Then it might taste like some yummy tabouleh juice!! OOOH YEH! Some nice tabouleh juice for breakfast.
The first juice took me about 30mins to drink because I was excited about starting detox.

Pinapple, Apple, Mint. This sounds delicious!! It's pretty much tastes just like straight up pineapple juice though. I can't taste the mint at all ! I wish they went heavy on the mint so then I could pretend it was a mojito and i was back at Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza.
Maybe I can add extra mint? That would be nice!
I might email them and ask them!!
Surely that would be okay to add fresh mint leaves? Because I can drink peppermint tea.
I'm excited by this.

Orange, Acai Berry, Cucumber, Pineapple, Carrot, Broccoli. This was my least fav of the group. It's taste is just like ass and i was in struggle town. I had to just gulp it down without thinking.
After juice 3 I had a nice peppermint tea. It really helped feel warm and content.
I have to remember " NO PAIN NO GAIN" I knew it wouldn't all be easy.

I had juice 4 at about 5pm so I considered it my "dinner juice" HAHA. I kinda feels way because it has Beetroot, Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Spirulina and Ginger. But you really only taste the beetroot. I think there should be more ginger.
But WARNING: Use a straw with this juice. I didn't bring a straw out with me and I had to drink it from the bottle. You get beetroot stain all over your mouth and lips and look like you've been sucking someone's blood a la True Bloods fav lesbian vampire Pam.

Before I had Juice 5 I went to Starbucks and got a Venti Peppermint Tea. Yay. They assured me it was herbal and no caffiene. I don't trust Starbucks so I have to ask these questions.
By juice 5 it's now 7pm so by this time I should be hungry but I'm not.
Juice 5 was actually my favourite juice of them all. Lemon, Water, Agave Nectar, Cayenne Pepper. I liked this one a lot and I think it's something I would of bought if I saw it in the shops. Its just a nice refreshing lemony type juice.
I think this juice is very similar to the Lemon Detox Diet.
I don't think I could do this "diet". I just love lemon too much and I fear I'd get sick of lemons forever after having only lemon water for days.
By this time I took a one sip of juice 6 to see what it tasted like and to curb any sugar cravings.

Coconut Milk, Raw Cashews, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, Water, Agave Nectar.
I thought I would like this juice the most because it was like a dessert juice but i thought it was just okay. I only drank half of the bottle.
I was too tired to finish it.
I wish it had more Cinnamon but I am NUTS for cinnamon.

I fell asleep at about 10.30pm last night which I haven't done since I was about 12.
I was so tired. Not sure if it was because a very long busy day or because of detox.
I had to carry around all my juices because I was out all day and night. I hated having to answer to everyone about the detox and why I'm "starving myself"
It became tiring after the 3rd person.
My mum thought I was on a doctor ordered detox. HAHAHA Bless.

Let me tell you one thing though that no one from Urban Remedy told me.
I was peeing all day.
It was embarassing.
I had to pee like every half hour.
Pee Pee Pee.
I thought it was just me but I asked my friend K who is doing the detox as well and it's the same with her too.
Prepare for peeing.
If you are in a job where you can't take breaks to pee then rethink this detox during working days.

I weighed myself yesterday morning before Juice 1 and this morning before Juice 1 and I have lost 2.5kg.
Isn't that mental?
Surely that can't be right. I might of been carrying loads of water weight?
I have no idea.
I was really shocked when I weighed myself.
I thought I'd be about half a kilo lighter.
Weird huh?
I'm not quite sure what to make of it.
My stomach does look flatter but I'm still a bit confused.

Reading all your comments is making me really motivated!!
I feel like I cannot cheat now.
Not at all !!


  1. good luck cotton!!! i hate fruit, but i think jenny from monochrome factory will make me do this with her haha so i'll have to be brave! the last two juices sound yummy, so that would help me get through the other ones..

    thank you for the tip on peeing! i'll have to do it on days i'm at uni - i don't think country road would appreciate me heading to the bathroom every half hour! lol

  2. Doesn't sound too bad...
    Well done on getting through Day 1 , you've really made me want to do it! Maybe I will just make up my own juices hehe.
    Good luck for the next few days!! I'll be rooting for you!

  3. Hi Cotton:)
    You can be so very proud of yourself:)

    And the thats great...i will see how you are doing, and then maybe start this myself....

    Hope all is well, and stay strong girl:)You can do this...

    From a rainy Oslo have a gorgeous day - SP

  4. I've signed up for a one day version!

    Keep up the good work, hun! Taboulleh for brekky, I can handle that. Too tired to finish juice 6? Don't think that's ever happened to me in my life.

    SSG xxx

  5. Wow, well done so far! And lots of luck for the rest of the cleanse! I would absolutely love to do this, but just don't think I can justify the cost *sigh* Its pretty crazy exxy! Look forward to following your journey through this. x

  6. I've wanted to do one of these for so long, it sounds kind of fun 9(yes, call me crazy). I can't believe you lost 2.5kgs.. crazy.

  7. good luck cotton socks! the weight you lost is mostly water and some muscle-fibre. fat comes last in order.
    you are very brave doing this!
    why did you become an expert in showers and toilets? did you visit lots of hotels? or study them at work??

    doesn't it feel nice going to bed early? I love it.

    will there be any pics available from the packaging?
    it was really the packaging that motivated you?
    Or have some trousers become tight lately?

    do you know how to continue after the programme? 1 grated apple for starting to eat? anything similar?

    good luck for the last day!

  8. wow thanks for the details on the juices. I'm a little scared now for mine, but the weight loss has really made me excited. Can't wait to start mine next week :)

  9. Good luck boo! You are a braver woman than I. I would be gnawing on my arm within the first ten hours. :P


    That's almost what I lose in the 5 days!
    I only weighed myself once, though. Before I began and on the last night (although I wish I'd waited until the first 'free' morning as it went down another 1.1kg or so)

  11. cotton, how's it going with the detox? hope you are still alive and kicking!

  12. 河水永遠是相同的,可是每一剎那又都是新的。. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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