Saturday, July 31, 2010

Urban Remedy Cleanse Results + Sass&Bide tee + jewellery

BUSY week.
I have finished the Urban Remedy cleanse!! Let me say. I DID NOT CHEAT ONCE!
I didn't even have the "okay foods" (celery, cucumber, lettuce)
Nudda. I am v proud.
I can honestly say I didn't get hungry ONCE. I just missed the smell/taste/process of eating. I realised how much I thought about food though. I plan a lot of my day around food. Interesting.

I have to say on Day 2 and Day 3, I REALLY struggled with Juice 3. It's really quite horrid. I only had 2/3 of the bottle on Day 2 and D forced me finish it on Day 3. It's just hard to drink.
Juice 6 really tastes like something that should be slapped on my face at a day spa.

I forgot to take photos of the juices. Dang. Every lunch time I'd remember but then get home and forget!
But here is a photo of the little cooler bag they give you to carry your juices around in !

I weighed myself on the morning of Day 1 and the morning after Day 3.
I know you all want to know the numbers.
I lost 3.4kg
I don't know if thats a good thing or bad thing.
Did it mean I was carry a lot of fluids in myself that got flushed out with all the drinking?
Cuz it surely isn't any fat loss.
I did work out during the cleanse though. So perhaps I lost 1kg of real fat? Only time will tell.
I wonder if I would of lost the same if I didn't work out? Probs not.
I also did dry brushing and had 1x 1hr body massage and 1 x 1hr reflexology and shoulder massage.
My skin looks brighter according to D but I dunno.
I think my stomach is a bit flatter.
It's odd that I didn't experience any symptoms as well. I dunno whether that meant I was healthy or my body wasn't flushing toxins. I have no idea.
Oh well. I feel proud for finishing it !!

Here is a couple of photos of some recent buys!
Here is the new cut tee from the "Tomorrow the Great" collection from Sass&Bide.
I like this cut. I told myself I wouldn't buy anymore S&B tees but it didn't seem to last long.
I'm not so sure about this colour of tee. I think it looks a bit "I washed my white tee with my black tee" but D liked it, so I thought I'd give colour a chance!
I like the hemming at the bottom.

Lately I've been really liking S&B jewellery collection.
Here is a a necklace I got..

And a close up of them all...
I couldn't get a good shot of the talon ring because it doesn't stand up on it's on.
My camera didn't want to play focus today either.

I thought I'd share my skin care stuff too.
A few months ago I started using Perricone MD Cold Plasma range and I really love it!
To be honest the smell is OFF but I'm hoping no one comes that close to notice.
*mask with perfume* haha.
This is the ONLY product I've ever used that I've noticed results within 3 days.
My skin just feels smoother and the tone of my skin seems more even. I think I looked fresher. Whatever that is. My skin looks less manky and dry.
You use the cold plasma under your normal daily moisturiser. I use Clinique DDML and it works really well together.

Look at these weird roses I got for home.
Weird huh? I wonder if they grew like this or if they put some sort of dye through a white rose? I have no idea about this sort of thing.
Do pink and white roses growing next to each other kind of "breed" ? HAHA
I dunno. Rose Sex. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.

And a last but not least, my IPAD!!!
YAY. I'm pretty sure I forgot to blog about this.
I was in Perth on the day they came out and I wasn't planning on getting one. The lines were CRAY CRAY in Melbs and Sydney.
At about 3.30pm I was on Hay St and thought I'd go take a look in DJs at the display ones.
Well. I am a sucker because 5 mins later I was swiping my CC and saying "gimme gimme"
No Lines...Nothing!! Thank you PERTH!

Anyway, I am obsessed with playing Words With Friends on my iPad.
My user name is Ninibeee.
Add me and we can play faux scrabble!!!
Tell me who you are from here though so I know your not some random dude who sending me weird pervy msgs. *block*

Okay I must be off!
I really CBF proof reading this post so if it is full of bad grammar and spelling mistakes, please forgive me!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. cotton socks, I enjoy your postings so much! I am very impressed, you worked out during the detox! I could never do that. :-o
    D is right: the colour of the tee IS a nice one. I thought you were working in the fields of industry and mineral ressources. The house you are renovating, this is beside work? I always say: after the first renovation project we know who it works. So much many decisions to make!
    enjoy your new clean body!

  2. Good work, cotton socks!

    I love the S&B. Must go in and have a look at the jewellery.

    SSG xxx

  3. Great work on completing the detox. Your glowing review is inspiring me to give it a whirl!

    My username on Words With Friends is PiMi btw.


    PS. Love your recent buys and the cut of the S&B tee looks very flattering.

  4. Cotton I use cold plasma cream too! How "funky" does it smell sometimes. The results I get from it are AMAZING. I really want to purchase his book on looking young and dieting. The Periccone diet he has looks interesting. I mean it looks expensive too but one day I hope to try it. For me the only time I could smell the cold plasma cream was in summer around 43 degrees. It was very stinky around that temperature but I thought it was totally worth it - haha.
    Oh how beautiful are the roses!
    You are making me want to do this detox! I might look into it for the end of August :)

    Ms S Xx

  5. Well done!

    I did eat avo a once lol xx

  6. wow the detox sound so good, I might need to give it a try too!

  7. ummmm i LOVE words with friends. you will know when i add you.. my creative name is hayleybash haha.

  8. Loved the flower photo:)

    I started my detox yesterday...wonder how this will end:)

    Have a great day - SP

  9. Aw, well done you! I think I'm going to have to give this a go! xx

  10. well done getting through the detox!!! :)

  11. Impressive detox effort! I really like that sass and bide tshirt, the little details like the cut of the hem makes it cute and unique x

  12. words .. I can't believe how much it's taking off.. I have always favoured it as a time-waster, but now everyone is playing it makes it so much more fun!

    Nice work on the diet.. im doing the CSIRO ... i've dropped about 6 kilo in 7 weeks, but u can't see it AT ALL !!!!!!! i can't figure it out. AHH!

    Love the S+B jewellery too.. I've been wanting to get the necklace in gold. The bangle/ ring is cool too... so many choices!

  13. Hot jewels. The colour of the tee is perfection! And good on you for finishing the detox. It's probably something I should do because my life revolves around food. Going out with a chef probably doesnt help that though! You have inspired me :)

  14. ahhahh rose sex, those are amazing roses though! + Congrats on the weight loss.


  15. cotttooooon, where is the new clean you? missing your pics and funny words.

  16. a tee like that gives you a lot of benefit, it looks chic just the way it is, and it's insanely versatile to be paired up to other stuffs as well! I need to get one myself!

  17. you look amazing!! you always do though! i am obsessed with the s&b jewelry collection...and also that horn clutch. but $$$$. ouch! xx


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