Monday, August 9, 2010

I never know what to title my posts.

Hello ~!!!!!!!

Happy Mondayyyyyy!! If you were in Melbourne, did you like the weather today? It was almost spring like. The sun came out and I hardly recognised it.

Here is some photos of our dinner to celebrate finishing the detox. HAHAHA.
Does my skin look glowing like they promised?
It's probably just the three layers of concealer + foundation.
I look damn huge in this photo. My head is about double the size of Ds. But who cares because my hair looks big. BIG. I spend a good amount of time trying to get big hair. YAY
Here we are having those amazing Raspberry & Hazelnut Martinis.
Yum. Nothing enhances your post detox glow like vodka.

Here is one of my fav dishes again. The cold tofu with soy and sesame and chives.
It's so nice.
On the left, friend K is having the Yellowtail Sashimi.

Here is my second favourite Nobu dish. Anti-Cucho tofu skewers.
So nice and spicy!

We asked the waitress to choose four different cocktails for the table and one of them was this chilli thing.
It was SO DAMN HOT. omggeee.
Not normal. I think I can handle chilli pretty well but this was off the chain.
Hotter than nandos extra hot peri peri sauce.
I have a feeling my friend A and her chili loving Malaysian background family will love this drink though.
You can see K in the background with her cool skull necklace.

After dinner we went and saw Inception.
HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN IT? I'm thinking YES because it seems the whole world has.
What did you think?
My feelings are capture in this photo below.

I thought it reeked. It was so predictable and bleugh.
When was it supposed to blow my mind?
OOooohhhhh loooookkk the spinny thing kept spinning. ughhh. OK.
Let me just say, Ashton Kutcher's Butterfly Effect had a bigger effect on me.
For a good few months, I was PARANOID that I was on the Truman Show. Then I realised how bored everyone would be watching my life and snapped out of that delusion.
Plus was I supposed to take Juno seriously as a genius student?
It's JUNO!

After the movie, I found this little creature.
I wonder who put him down stairs? HA HA HA HA *looking at someone*
How boozey do I look?
Pretty sure I was sober.
But you can kind of see my outfit here!
Can you see my newish Sass&Bide skirt. Its got some nice detailing down the front.
I pretty much can't breathe in it.

D and I went to Ikea the other day to get a rug and I found D riding this carpet as if he was Aladdin. Thank the lords above I had my camera in bag.
I wonder if he does these things when I'm not with him and he is alone?
I'm thinking YES.

I found this photo of my luggage tags on my SD card.
Isn't it the BEST ?!
NO one will steal my luggage with this on it. Especially a dude.
Once someone took my suitcase of the belt and walked off with it and I chased him and argued it was mine. Eventually he gave it up. But made me paranoid about having plain black suitcases. Anyone can accidently take it !

Because my blog hasn't had any outfit posts lately, I just took this quick pic of what I'm wearing now.
Pretty plain!

Topshop cardigan
S&B tee
Topshop Skirt
LV scarf
I think my ring was from Gen Pants but could of been Sportsgirl? eek!
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark on the nails.

I best be go.
I am running late.
This ended up taking ages.
NEW True Blood and Entourage tonight.


  1. Cool, new cotton socks online! I love your blog. It is such a treat.
    Better than any detox, coz it immediately boosts the immune system, because I have to laugh all the time I read it, espcially your film review. :)

    Btw, I plan on posting some favourite Austrian dishes soon. Sweet. sweet. sweet. Austrian food is a breed of Czech, Hungarian and Viennese cuisine. In Czechoslovakia (what a word!!) I feel at home in any pub.

  2. may i just say... true blood has got hella strange this season - it was always strange but it keeps upping the ante lol.

    how do you get big hair ?? mine is so thin and flat and sad :(

  3. Paula,
    That will be cool! My neighbours are from czech/slovakia so I have tried some things before!
    She makes delicious cheese shnitzel for me because I dont eat meat.
    I worry I might have trouble finding things to eat if I go on a trip to Austria and Czech but I could just eat cake all day maybe? haha!!

  4. Ruby Slippers,
    I think True Blood HAS got weirder this season!
    Like trying to shock us with the gory etc. I think they need to focus back onto relationships and vampire intergration into society!
    As for my hair.
    I have very similar hair to you! When my hair is natural its a similar colour to yours. It gets rougher with the bleach so I can poof it easier but otherwise I set it in velcro rollers to get some oomph!

  5. love the LV scarf and your hair looks fab. How'd the detox go? Pls enter my comp. You might win an OPI polish xxxx

  6. rollers! i wouldn't have even thought of that... so old school, but so easy! thanks for the tip :)

    also, i use gel/cream eye liner that you apply with an angle brush (then go over it with dark eyeshadow to fix any bumpy bits) = heaps more control than liquid liner!

  7. It is ALL about Topshop! Melbourne weather was gawgeous over this weekend. Drizzly and yuk today though :-( Boo.

    I'm going to see 'Inception' soon - not too inspired by your reaction though- maybe I should see something else instead?!

  8. hahaha I LOVE how you celebrated your detox with a vodka. winner. and me too on the big hair thing - I have horrible limp fine hair that I always tease and curl to no don't want to meet me on a rainy day!!


  9. 每次看完你的文章,總是回味許久,要經常發表喔。..................................................

  10. You look amazing and glowy (at first I thought you wrote Botox and i was like "... she doesn't need botox...WTF !")! I've got really thick (sometimes annoyingly thick) hair so volumes not a problem but sometimes I like to blowdry it upside down to give it more *oomph*
    Thanks for the comments as always, re the lanvins, they're ok I guess but mine are a tad to small and the chain's kinda heavy so that could be why but they do have a nice amount of cushioning on the inside.

    PS. I never know what to title my posts either, it takes ages to think of something remotely witty...

  11. loooooooove the topshop cardigan in an epic, epic way. love. and i HAVE to go to Nobu, so much veggie goodness!!

  12. Hi girl:)
    You have officially been tagged...
    No this is not spam:)

    Have a good day . sp

  13. wowsers, the food is making me drool.
    sounds amazing, do detoxes work?!
    and sass & bide. fuck yes :)


    rockin' blog!

  14. Big fan of your sass & bide skirt!
    And your big hair xx

  15. I gave you an award on my bloggg. Check that shiz out x

  16. Yay cotton socks updated :)
    Killer scarf btw!


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