Friday, May 21, 2010


Let me show you what we ate on the plane to Singapore.
It was so much food I felt like chucking.

Here some sort of weird chopped vegetables in cups thingy we had as an appetizer.
My favourite part is the random bit of wriggly red capsicum.

Here is the entree salad. I like how it is presented. I found it weird that they cut off the skin of the cucumber.
The skin of the cucumber is the best part. I like how it is crunchy.

Here is the main. It was quite tasty actually! For plane food it was good.
Especially for a vegetarian meal. Usually I get rubbish.
The fresh basil leaf made me happy.

REAL ESPRESSO ON A PLANE!! Qantas if you are reading plz take notice!
Another funny thing about Singapore Airlines is the crockery. It's Givenchy.
How Hillarious.
Why would one want to use designer crockery in the sky? hahaha so funny.

Japanese dessert thingy. It was SOOO NICE.
I have no idea what it was though.
Similar to Panacotta but I think it was some sort of soy number. It wasn't milky tasting.
Hmm. Not sure of the sauce either. It wasn't berry. It was sweet and kind of floral.

Real strawberries in icecream.

Cheese and crackers!!!!
Can you see how much cheese there is? And they give me 3 crackers. What are they crazy?
We asked for more crackers.
3 crackers.....crazy people...I think the yellow stuff was dried pawpaw maybe? Not sure. it was nice.

Here we are in Singapore!
I didn't really pack for hot weather. I kind of worked something out.
I wore D's hat. It covered my hideous humidity hair.
I think I only wore it for about an hour.
I like hats, but I feel silly wearing them.

YAY! I love Singapore.
Two of my favourite stores..

D and I ate at the Food Republic Food Court on Orchard.
Here he is having a nice cold beer.

Look at all the yummy Indian food!! It was very very nice. Probably the best Indian food I have had. Suprisingly from a food court!!
The green spinach one on the left was my favourite.

Garlic naan and mint paratha make me so excited!!!
I loveeeeeeee them !!!

This is out the front of Takashimaya. They were setting up for Singapore Fashion Week.
Which was ages ago now. Wish I could of seen Bryanboy.

Here is some things I got !

Duty Free perfumes!!

A whole heap of Chanel makeup and nail polishes duty free. Some toys and see the star and black thing? They are scourers for washing dishes. Cute yeah? The yellow dog thing goes over spray n wipe bottles. CUTE.
Some DiorShow mascaras and that Dior Addict lipgloss is so good! Sephora bronzer brush. Love these!
Finally I got my ye old faithful Clinique DDML and Frederick Fekka hair treatments. Hope these work out good!

And here is a stack of clothes I bought in Japan and Singapore.
I'm sure they will be in up coming posts as well.

YAY Finally finished blogging about Japan/Singapore.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

I wish we were all on the same time line with Gossip Girl episodes.
I wanted to write about it but I think a lot of people aren't watching in with the US and it would spoil it for people watching it on Australian TV.


  1. WAH! I love Singapore, it's my all time favourite stop over. I usually stay at the Sheraton Towers which is the bomb diggity because it's off Orchard Rd and a little quieter but within walking distance. Did you go to the zoo? The night safari? That is also the bomb diggity. I got my last tattoo in Singapore.... I want to go back nooooooooow.

  2. For some reason I find that one sliver of capsicum hilarious. It's as if it just wriggled on in and was like, oh hai guyz, and then realised it should've brought a date to the food party. Ahh, Singapore Airlines, you make me happy when skies are grey.

    Also, maybe the sauce to the panacotta thing was cherry blossom?

    And I finally got around to watching the GG finale. WOAH. WOOOAHHHHHH.

  3. Excellent food and action shots. I am sad that this is the last in the series BOOOOOOO.

  4. How funny, we were just talking about going to Singapore for the sale season.

    Please post more pics of the clothes you bought, yes?

    Also, does Singapore have that Asian shopping thing where everything only comes in small sizes? (Please say no).

  5. Hi Cotton:)
    I can see you have the same obsession for Chanel as i do:)

    Love their colors, always amazing...

    Have a great day down under:)
    BYE - SP

  6. Ooooh can't wait to see more on the clothes. Daddy BuBbles and I might be off to Singapore soon so this post was great timing!

    xoxo Chuck - Oops, I mean BuBbles ;)

  7. your blog is making me way to hungry AND jealous!

  8. Wow that is the best looking plane food I've seen! Loving your makeup haul, that's awesome :) The end of GG left me feeling distraught, I really hope things work out!

  9. LOVINGGG this blog cotton... I too am a BIG fan of Un Jardin de Nil by Hermes. Bootiful. XX

  10. have just released their new collection for Winter 2010. Featuring some of the hottest designs from Europe, the RIP YSL Tee, the Going Gaga tee and The City of Lights Tee are just a handful of the latest designs. RRP for only $59 , these will be a winter essential. These tees have already been seen on Ruby Rose and Hayley Warner!

  11. The plane food from Singapore Airlines is impressive. Especially, the panna cotta like dessert, the flower decoration is so pretty x

    Looks like you had a ball in Singapore. Love the haul too x

    You don't look silly in hats, if anything, the outfit you posted up is really nice.

    I want a holiday to Sgp now =(

    is all i have to say about the gossip girl finale!!

    i'm so so jealous of serena's amazingly thin-ness...
    heading to bodypump tonight in an attempt to look like her lol

  13. my dear cotton socks! god you are GOOD. can you please report back on the fekkai treatments?
    I was just drooling onto my keyboard and then I remembered I never answered your queries RE the Zumbo macarons. Apologies doll - I did mosey over here to address them, but I got so caught up in your laduree post that I forgot. ahem.
    The Zumbo macarons are to die for and made me think of Paris. But in a better way because this time I didn't have to shell out for the airfare et al. Funny you should pick out the blue ones because SNAPS GIRLFRIEND they were my fav - they were lavender blueberry. other flavours included but were not limited to: licorice, some sort of coffee thing, lemon, um strawberry I think... but the lavender blueberry were the STARS of the zumbo show. I also scoffed various other amazing zumbo treats during the week like citron tart and portugese custard tart. I am certainly dedicated to the cause and I have the extra roll now to prove it.
    Hello I could talk about macarons and sugary treats all day so I will leave you with a YES, you need to visit, I think you would love, and I even feel confident saying that to someone who has laduree-ed it up in the last six months.

  14. Em - Ooohh you have made me want to go to Sydders just for the macaroon experience.
    I am wanting to try something lavender flavour NOW
    also licorice sounds amazing.

    Did you have an ice cream bread sandwich!?

  16. good choice with the balenciaga perfume. its one of my faves xoxo

  17. You can never get enough Chanel, thats for sure:)

    Have a great day - SP


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