Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yoyogi and Omotesando

On Sunday the weather was nice ( for the first time in my trip) so we head down to Yoyogi Park.
D hadn't been to Yoyogi on a Sunday.
We like the rockabilly crew.
They have great facial expressions. They put in a lot of effort.
One crew had a pink cadillac and some douche keyed it. I bet it was the rival gang.
I think the denim gang don't like the black leather jacket gang.
They do dance offs and turn their radios up louder to project more rockabilliness.

Go denim gang go !

Oooh black leather gang you are so bad.

White jacket? Maybe he is the leader.

Chicks get in on it too.

Here are some little low quality vids I took on my point n shoot.
It makes me smile.
I love the Japanese rock and roll music.
Here is denim gang

And here is leather gang.

I didn't take any photos of "harajuku girls" because it's kind of awkward. I don't take photos of people without their permission and I didn't want to ask them. I get the feeling maybe they don't like it? Because a million tourists would take their photos? I dunno.

Here is some graffiti in the park..

Here is me taking a photo of D taking a photo of me.
Did your head explode just them?

Lovely trees.
Spring is lovely.

More trees. Don't fall asleep just yet. THERE IS MORE TREES TO COME!!

Here is me looking to my right whilst scratching my head. I am back in Sass&Bide so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.
The sass and bide singlet/dress underneath has a weird american wrestler shape.
The black long sleeve top over it looks really see through in the photos but its really not so much in real life...
The guy in the background was juggling. Pity I missed that.

Here is a photo to set the scene.
They like to sit around the pond.

And look at this fountain that shoots water up and down.
I think that ball games are very popular like some sort of tennis ping pong type hitting game.
Also lots of people play their instruments and walk their dogs.
I saw about 500 cute chihuahuas but felt weird taking photos of other peoples dogs.

Me again.

Even though official cherry blossom season is over, there are still quite a few trees around the city that still have some bloom.
So pretty !

After that we walked down to Omotesando. I like the area.

D took this photo of some tulips blooming on the side of the walkway.

We got an espresso from this little van in an lane off Omotesando.
It was real espresso and it made me very happy.
I really miss real coffee when we leave Australia.
I felt even the coffee in Paris was rubbish compared to coffee back home..

I like his pot plants and bottles with random flowers in it.
Hope this post didn't chew up your bandwidth!

I am off to run some errands.
Have a lovely night !!!!!!
:) :) :)


  1. What awesome photos. Well worth the bandwidth :-P

    It's just a side of Japan I don't see much of.

    I'm glad there's someone else who loves Australian coffee and was a bit underwhelmed with coffee in Paris.

    Have a safe trip home and I've really loved your Japan posts. I want to visit even more now.


    SSG xxx

  2. You have totally great holiday hair

  3. Ahhh I love those rockabillies. The one in white is definitely head honcho. Just look at those moves.

    I'm loving all these Japan posts. Especially the one about all the candy. Best part about learning Japanese in high school was all the candy haha.


  4. you are so funny!!! problem is I am at the office right now and can't laugh out loud but I am biting on my tongue and my monitor is so huge my coworker can't see my grimasse right now.
    What I am referring to? Denim Gang and Leather Gang.

    IMHO Yoyogi on sundays is the best thing to do as first experience when 1st time visiting Japan.

    I will look at the pics and your comments at home, and there I can laugh as much as I want to. :-D

    Don't you sometimes just think one HAS to take a picture of trees. They are a part of the bloghsphere.

  5. PS: you defenitely earn an award for bringing the Denim Gang plus Leather Gang to AUS, EUR and USA!

  6. Awesome pics. I really wish I'd gone to Yoyogi when I was in Japan but we ran out of time! I'll live vicariously through you instead.

  7. WHAT FUN!

    The black long sleeve of the S&B top looks great... I am going to buy it this weekend!

  8. 人生最大的榮耀,不是永遠不敗,而是屢仆屢戰 ..................................................

  9. this post alone made me want to go to japan...ive never really felt the need to go before!
    love your outfit in these too...those boots are fantastic and i almost bought that s&b layering piece you have on underneath! love <3


  10. Hi:)
    Loved the dancers....they looked awesome....
    Really liked the Japan photos...

    Have a great day - SP

  11. excellent snaps loved the rockabillies.

  12. If you lived here I would make you drive over and help me chose a outfit for a 40th birthday lunch thing I am going to today where I know only 1 person. I'm thinking a sort of pale lilac floating tunic that has brown beading at the top but I don't know. It's tricky to know what these people are going to frock up in. I've order a dress from the outnet that I think you will like. It's By Malene. Hope you are having a nice long w/e.

  13. Ahhh Japan...LOVE it so much, cannot wait to go back. Your photos are so fabulous and always leave me wanting more. :D
    Haha I took lots of photos with people's cute doggy's...but then I am animal obsessed so couldn't really help myself!! ;)

  14. Love the shot of you in Omotesando. Very jealous and wish I could go to Japan some time soon

    btw, I've awarded you the Sweet Blog Award, please drop by my blog to pick it up x

  15. very artsy photos! love omotesando too :)


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