Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toy Shoppe

After we went to Hermes in Ginza, we went into this toy shop.
My "t" key isn't wanting to work today and I have to keep going back to fix it so if some words are missing "t"s, just imagine they are there please.

I was very happy to find different flavoured KIT KATS. Yessssssssssss.
I saw strawberry but we have that here and strawberry is off.
I got a green one which I think could be green tea but it sure didn't taste like green tea... hmm
and the other flavour I got was raspberry and passionfruit!! weird yum?
I just checked the green packet and it appears it is green tea and cherry blossom.
Can you even eat cherry blossom? I'm not sure.
It was yummy. Kinda tasted more like white chocolate though.
Wish we had flavoured Kit Kat in Australia :(

I look hardcore tan in that photo. It's a lie.
Stocking up. I don't know when I will eat them. I will probably save them forever and then they will go off.

How cute are these tea cups with lids???!!!!!
Ohhhhhhh I regret not getting one. I was too lazy to carry it around all day.
Now I wish I had one.

More candy overload. Pink is popular it seems.

How cute are these cards? I'm so stupid for not getting any. My little cousins would love getting these cards for their birthdays...

I think in this photo I'm trying to figure out what the blue thing is.
I see Doreamon but whats that thing with the red nose?
The lady behind me has a nice hair cut.

KITTY CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhh kitty.
Why didn't I buy you?
You would of fit nicely into my collection of HelloKitty.
I am silly.

So apart from the KitKats, I got only one little bear charm. I will take a photo later.
It is super kawaii.

Here is some more snacks I got from Lawsons.
Those cheese sticks come in a salad flavour too and let me tell you they are like crack!
You cannot NOT eat the whole box in one go. If you guys see these chips in an asian store please try them because they are the best. The salad flavour comes in a green tub. I think they must have MSG or something. I'm not sure.
The blueberry chocolate is a bit weird. I still haven't finished it.
I finished the CRUNKY though.
What a good name for a strawberry chocolate treat.
Does anyone know where I can get those riceball things in Melbourne?
I love them. They have some sort of bean inside and sesame etc. They are vegetarian.
I looooveeeee them!!!

I want more Japanese snacks.
They are very fattening so it's probably a good thing I don't have access to them.

I got that keratin/brazillian treatment thing yesterday. I cant wash my hair until Friday.
How foul is that? Hopefully it will repair some damage though.
I dunno.
I will keep you updated.
Its so greasy, I'm too embarrassed to leave the house.

Keep thinking its Tuesday but its Wednesday.


  1. wow you look like youre having fun. SO much cool stuff!! ive heard about the flavoured kitkats, they come in like green tea and sweet corn and all sorts of stuff! :O

  2. The rice balls are also known as Onigiri. :]

    Kenzan GPO has them, as well as Wood Spoon in Collingwood also has them I think.

    Kappaya used to have them but they changed and became a little lamer. :c

    And I love this toy store too! Remember exploring all the 7 floors with my brother!

  3. i had about fifty green kitkats yesterday, my friend just came back from japan with a suitcase of them, they are seriously the shit.

    oooh im actually thinking of getting a keratin treatment this month, can you let me know what you think of it and how it all goes?

  4. I love crazy overseas candy! Green tea kit kat sounds yummy ♥

  5. my sister is obsessed with green tea kitkats when she's in japan (and the starbucks choc chip frappucino when she's in paris lol)! she's never brought one back for me to try now that i think of it... how rude lol

    do you speak japanese ? i always found it funny how i would speak to the shopgirls in english and they would just talk back in japanese and there'd be no understanding but lots of smiles haha

    i went to disneyland in california and had a great time, but the lines were so off-putting after tokyo disneysea! lol i wish i went to the one in paris while i was there... mum and sister didn't want to though :(

  6. thanks ashley!
    onigiri does sound familiar. i am going to check out kenzan at GPO some time soon!

    anya - i will def let you know how it goes!

    ruby slippers - there is a choc chip flavour at starbucks in paris?? omg i missed that!! nooo!!
    i speak a little japanese. enough to know what is going on.
    i didn't go to sea but the lines at tokyo disneyland were very short!!
    i think tokyo disney is a lot better than paris. the rides seem longer i think. i dunno.
    i really want to go to the one in florida though~!!

  7. Woooooooo Hello Kitty lover from another mother!!! I'm obsessed!!! These photos are great, I WISH you had of bought a cup with a lid, they look so good. I'm assuming that if you hunt through chi town you'll be able to find one. ♥

  8. Love the kit kats and love the hello kitty :-)

    SSG xxx

    PS - belated congrats re engagement xxx

  9. yes! florida is amazing!!! AND if you go to orlando, make sure you go to universal studios - it's about eight hundred times better than the california one, if you like rollercoasters!

    now i wish i was back to the states.... :( lol


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