Friday, April 2, 2010

Chanel Goodies!

Last week I bought a few Chanel goodies. I should just learn to stay away from the store.

There's something about the packaging that excites me.
Hahahah how embarrassing. I keep the ribbons and all that in the boxes. I dunno why. Im never going to use them. I just like it to be 'complete'.

Here is what was inside the smaller box!
New sunnies.
I don't like designer sunnies. They nearly always have some sort of logo crap on the sides that tell everyone from a mile away what brand they are. They're usually fake and from Thailand or something. And if they're not they're so crazy overpriced its stupid.
I always buy cheaper sunnies like Ray Bans etc and haven't bought designer sunnies since those Dior sunnies a la J.Lo were in style.
Anyway, I really love Anya's Chanel sunnies from Oui, Je Suis ( THIS post) and have wanted sound round sunnies for ages. I have no chance of finding those sunnies though so when I saw these sunnies in Chanel I thought " what the hell" I will give designer sunnies a whirl.
I still feel a bit weird with the logo on the side, but its quite small so its not as noticeable.

D took these photos of me while I was taking photos of my Hermes bangles.
You can see I have made them black & white to make them appear arty.
Also, I had no makeup on and it hides my horrid skin.
Two birds, one stone.

My profile is clearly not my best angle.
The back of my head is probably my best angle. HA !

I was going to type Happy Good Friday everyone but that seemed highly inappropriate
so Happy Friday off Work day.
Is everyone eating fish or vegetarian today? Do people still do that?
Before I turned vegetarian I ate Fillet o Fish on Good Friday because my British mum doesn't cook fish.
Too complicated for her. Ha! If its not roast or bangers n mash its out of the question.
She makes up for it by making the best Yorkshire Puddings though.

What is everyones plans for Easter?
I have no going away plans.
Just visiting family and friends and some family is coming to visit me too.
I also have lots of cleaning and ironing to do and plan on vacuuming.
As well as thinking of something to do with these figs that D's mum gave to me.
If you have any fig recipe suggestions please share !! :-)


  1. Very cute! I really love your blog.

    In terms of no meat today, I actually just did a post on my blog about how Good Friday is leaving me starving with no fish at home and shops closed. I actually told A I will most likely get a filet-o-fish for dinner.

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. haha I'm having salmon tonight but only just realised the significance.

    the sunnies look great. theyre not the sort that scream designer, at all. they suit your face too! lucky. excited to see what's in the bigger box!


  3. My only pair of sunglasses are Chanel. Brown with Chanel written in orange and yellow letters. I know that sounds wack, but they are rather nice. Happy good friday homie, yes I did wear the bunny ears. ♥

  4. No they sound cute Mez!
    I'm more not into the gold or silver bedazzled kind of logos. hahah u know what i mean?
    i liked those chanel sunnies that came out last year and it had CHANEL written on the side in colours.
    they were cute.

  5. Oh these sunnies look gorgeous! The logo isn't too obvious i think, and love the quilting on the glasses arms:)

  6. YUM @ FIGS!

    I have been working on a food show for channel 7, and figs have been the flavour of the last two series i tells ya! Every single chef is FIG CRAZY!

    I would make a Goats cheese & fig salad. LOVELY!

    You have made a good choice with the sunnies... I almost bought the same pair. I think Chanel Sunnies are my favourite, especially when so subtle like these. I think you made a very solid purchase!

    Am thinking the PS1 in black leather... my fiance has suggested I try a shopping ban! ahaha! (Apparently I have to pay off my trip first... BOO !!! I was haemmoraging cash over there)

    BUT I thought I might try and sneak the PS1 in this month :)

  7. (i'll geyt my mum to bring me one back ;))

  8. I've kept all my chanel boxes and ribbons. I used to tie the one and only chanel ribbon in my hair when i was in High-school! But i use the boxes as storage for accessories and scarves and things. I love a good pair of round sunnies, I have heaps of cheapies as well, I hate the feeling of worrying about crushing glasses.

  9. You really don´t look like you have horrid skin sweety:)
    And the sunnis look great:)

    Have a good day - sp

  10. Make Burnt Fig Jam a la Maggie Beer with all those figs. Have you tried the icecream?? Seriously I died and went to heaven (if I believed it existed hahaha there's my dig at religion on a Good Friday).

    The sunnies are mad wicked. I wish I could find some that suited me. I have a weird shaped head and it's small too so nothing suits me. Boo.

  11. Love the glasses, they're so pretty :) Sorry I don't have a fig recipe for you, but if you find a good one do share! Happy Easter :)

  12. CS the glasses look very modern and understated. I spy another Chanel box. Can we see?
    I had figs yesterday for entree and salmon nicoise for main.
    I have heaps of fig recipes. Are you vegan? If not figs go great with blue cheese. Make a cut in the top and put a little piece of gorgonzola or whatever. Then make a high fat yummy sauce of cream and more cheese on the stove. Pour over figs and bung in the oven for 5 or 6 minutes. Meat eaters can wrap the figs in prosciutto. Delicious!

  13. Great sunnies, and your hair looks really Nice. Place cut figs on top of salad greens. They're friendly with pine nuts, soft cheese, olives, roast pumpkin and pears salad wise. Also if you place brown sugar, butter, almond meal and figs on a sheet of puff pastry at 180 degrees for 30 minutes you won't be disappointed.

  14. Kate!
    I put the fig in the oven and it turned out horribly bad!!
    it was v bitter and not sweet at all.
    could it possibly be not ripe? haha
    i dont know.
    i see you said 6 mins.
    i put it in for 45 mins. hahahaha
    but it wasnt burnt i dont think.
    arghhh disaster!
    i wish i read ur response earlier.

  15. lovely! I've got the same sunnies but in red :) amazing!

  16. Sunnies look cool and so do your Hermes bracelates. My fave pair of sunnies are Chanel. lol my only designer glasses. Nice dropping by here.

  17. Sunnies look cool and so do your Hermes bracelates. My fave pair of sunnies are Chanel. lol my only designer glasses. Nice dropping by here.

  18. Love the glasses! I actually never eat meat. aha..


  19. Oh, but what's in the big box?? Don't leave us hangin' like that!

    I love your sunnies. Very MK. Agree with your big logo thing. Worst sunnies I see are those "Look at me, I'm a pair of D&G sunglasses and you can see me from the moon" Yuck!

    I had a large cinema popcorn for dinner on Good Friday. Vegetarian for sure, but purely because of a hangover, not Jesus or his Father.

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter, Cotton!


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