Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hermes Clickity Clack

I love Hermes for wrist wear
I like to collect Click Clacks and Click H's.
I got a new one the other day.
I can't remember the name of the colour. I looked on TPF and found nothing. I asked the SA and he told me like 3 times the word in French so fast like I'm some sort of crazy robot I can understand.
I like to look it up and see what it means in English damnit.

Behold the bangle. Wooo. I like this colour. It goes nicely with my new Chanel Elephant polish.
It's all nice a shiny with no scratches yet.
I love it.

Here is my family of Hermes Bangles. I feel the silvers are ganging up on the gold and now I have to get another gold to even it out a bit.
I've got the most wear out of the gold one by far. You can see she has loads of scratches. It tells a story. (ha!)
Looking at this photo I now realise I should of cleaned them before I photographed them.

I think i will collect these throughout the years. I think my first one i got back in 2006. Seemed like it was yesterday.
The black and gold was from Singapore ( my first one)
The blue is from Tokyo
The "strawberry" is from Hawaii
and the black and silver and grey and silver are both from Melbourne.

I think i want to get a yellow one next. I dunno what the hell i would wear it with though.

I haven't had a coffee today and I cannot concentrate. Coffee is sooo a drug. I don't care what anyone says!

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday :)



    it will be awesome with a black outfit... or white! Imagine with white (well, that's how i would fancy it!)

    I love the black and gold the most for sure!
    I would love an enamel printed hermes. Damn all these things i want!

  2. Hello, these are very attractive, I like the dents. It shows you've lived and used your bangles and that's what they're for. My dermatologist says every skin tells a story and so does every bangle! What attracts a youthful whippersnapper like yourself to Hermes? Tell me everything

  3. Is there anything better to collect than beautiful hermes bracelets?!? I always have a dilemma when I get new jewellery, it's brand new, and when you get that first scratch you're devastated but then when it's all scratched and worn in I love it even more, feels like its at home :P

  4. Lovely collection. So far I only have a pale blue with silver but I plan on expanding my collection even more :)

  5. ps. PS1 or Mulberry Alexa?

    (my mum is overseas and suggested I can have a bag pressie.. so you can imagine how excited I got!)

  6. am i being super faddish if i go the alexa... hmmm...

  7. Drooling! These are gorgeous :) I would love a red one!

  8. This is one stylish little family. Love the latest addition :)

  9. i get my boyfriend a tie from every city i visit, but i think this is a MUCH better idea to mark the trip!!

  10. Beautiful bangles! The gold one is the best!
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  11. This is such a cute collection. You need a yellow one and a green one, and then you'll have all the Voltron colours. *nerd* Do you wear them all stacked up at once, or just one at a time?

  12. Julia - I was thinking white too!
    I wanted to get white and silver but then i have this white and gold necklace thing that would go nicely. arghh. i can never make my mind up on colour/gold/silver/thick/thin combos! its too hard. and then there is a small and large size so to get all those combinations right and in the store is so hard!
    P.S PS1 > mulberry alexa

    FF - I can't remember the exact moment i started getting into hermes. I cant remember what my first Hermes purchase was either. i THINK it might of been about 4 years ago when D went on a business trip to korea and brought me back a twilly. Bless him.
    I started getting into the enamel bangles like crazy and the twillys and got some stuff when we went to paris and i went into the hermes store and loved it.
    its probably the only designer store ive purchased from and had no problems in terms of quality etc.
    i remember "forever" wanting a birkin.
    I just asked D why i got into hermes and he shouted " lindsay lohan crackwhore"
    ok charming. he said i saw a photo of her wearing a click clack and then researched to find out where it was from.
    i vaguely remember something like this happening.

  13. Shananigans - I just asked D what a Voltron was and he cracked it and said "dont even bother"
    i asked him if he was some transformers thing and he sighed and went onto something else.

    i dont wear them all stacked up.
    ive worn two at once though.
    before i had red blue and black and it looked a bit AFL footy team kinda thingy but now i have the grey one
    i might stack grey blue and black together and wear them. dunno yet.
    see how i feel. hahaha

  14. I'm not going to pretend I'm not jealous. I think your latest addition is the prettiest, I love that gray!

  15. Omgoodness. Just gorgeous, the array of colours you have is just great!

  16. Beautiful Clic-Clac collection! I have the wide style in lilac/silver, navy/silver and the smaller style in red/gold. Mine are pretty dented too, I am clearly way too expressive with my hands because I am constantly banging jewellery into things.

    I really want a black/gold or white/gold one, but now your newest grey/silver is really tugging at my heartstrings!

    Have you ventured into the patterned enamel bangles? Hermes is so addictive.

  17. I love Hermes bangles! I usually buy the patterned enamel ones but those are gorgeous! And there's a Chanel Elephant polish? As in nail polish? :o

  18. Oh my God!! You have got to be kidding. I didn't know your collection was this extensive! You have my jealousy in an orange box.

  19. Stunning! I would do just about anything for a Hermes bangle methinks. x

  20. Gorgeous, I'm jealous!


  21. Beautiful collection! I love them all. The silver one is my favourite.

  22. Beautiful collection! I love them all. The silver one is my favourite.

  23. Wah! You lady are the luckiest girl on earth. ♥

  24. Oh my! LOVE your Clic Clac collection, am so so jealous! Your newest addition is so gorgeous!

  25. Thank you everyone for all your nice comments!
    I didn't know these bangles were so popular!
    Maybe i will blog about some other hermes goodies soon

  26. Wow, I want them all! Great blog :)

  27. I absolutely LOVE Hermes bangles. I've got a slight addiction myself. I'm a fan of the gold for some reason. But, I love yours with the Hs all stacked up on your arm - kind of obnoxious but totally fun! Your stash makes me smile.

  28. I'm loving your pale pink one, it's beautiful x

  29. did you find out the name of the colour yet? I was wondering if TPF triggers you? It can, don't you think so?


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