Monday, March 15, 2010

The Burrup

It's nice to drive down to the Burrup Peninsula to look at the water, rocks, and kangaroos.
Kangaroos be crazy. They always jump in front of the car. crazy.
I love to take photos of kangaroos but D always gets impatient.
I took some nice photos of kangaroos and posted about them a while ago in THIS post.

We like to look around in the rocks to find crabs and other weird things.
I like how there is no sand here.
It's just all small shells....millionsssss of them!

I stood on this rock while D took a photo.
I wore my usual CR jeans. I promise i do take them off.
And Sass&Bide tshirt. Easy outfit.
I like the white things flapping off the tshirt. I dunno what you would call them.

At dusk the sun shines on the rocks and they have this crazy red glow.
It's much more vibrant in real life......beautiful!
Australia is such a beautiful place.

Took a photo of a kangaroo. YAY

And then the sunset!
I love taking photos of skies and clouds. How boring am I?! hahah

How was everyones weekends?
Mine was great. D and I went to a Woodstock party. I will post some photos when I get around to it. We also ate lots and lots of nice food and had way too many drinks with friends.
Thats what weekends are for right?

I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D today. It was alright. I thought it would be better though. I found it kind of slow. The script was lacking and at some parts kind of boring.
I thought i'd love this movie so much. Hmmm...
Visually it was beautiful though....
I love Anne Hathaway but I found her to be terrible in this film. Is it just me?
I feel bad for saying that but i dunno. What did you guys think?


  1. Love your style!
    More fashion/clothes posts please!!

  2. how easy are the CR jeans ?? lol i almost don't take mine off either :)

    i agree with the slowness of alice in wonderland, and i thought the plot was very Wizard of Oz. i thought it was still fun and pretty to watch though.

    p.s. first time at Siglo on friday night! tried the amaretto sour, on your advice, totally agree - smells horrible, tastes like nerds

  3. Never heard of that place, but I want to go to the bullion shell beach!

    I loved Alice. I liked how it was not too long and not too much war and fighting. Also very amusing that evil red queen. Anne H. I'm not sure, is she really a great actress or just hyped up?

    Love your t shirt btw.

  4. I love your S&B top! Agree with you re Alice in Wonderland, I had such high expectations, my boyfriend actually slept for about 40 minutes of it :(

  5. Is this Hearson's Cove? I love it down there. I always manage to leave before seeing the Stairway to the Moon though. Maybe next time it's on...

    Love that tee BTW, your fiance is right that you should buy shares in S+B.

    @Flit About there are lots of shell beaches over here, they look gorgeous but are murder on your feet if you take your shoes off!

  6. Just gorgeous photos!!!
    And I love those CR jeans.
    You are right - Australia really is a beautiful place.

  7. When I haul self out of my Sick Bed I want to see Alice in Wonderland. Have heard mixed reviews. I love all your outback photos. And I love that shell beach. On Hayman Island there is a beach made entirely of coral called Pearl Bay. It hurts your feet but looks beautiful.

  8. Wow, Burrup Peninsula looks amazing - I love your photo of the sky! It looks really pretty!
    Your sass&bide t-shirt looks awesome, it's great with your CR jeans!
    Can't wait to

  9. I am seeing Alice next week, the mixed reviews are doing my head in :( I'm praying I like it but the seed of doubt has been planted.

    Those jeans look smashing on you, who cares if you wear them everyday!

    Loving the outback photos, I'm so ashamed to admit this, but, I've never been! The crushed shells look beautiful, prickly perhaps but beautiful.

  10. ps tagged you in a quiz sweets :)

  11. Hey they are called Tassels forsure... or fringing.... i'm happy with those names

  12. Australia is beautiful <3

    I can't believe you got such a great shot of the kangaroo! So cute!

  13. Australia is definitely beautiful! Your photos are amazing - and your clothes!

  14. pilbaraface - yes this is Hearsons Cove!
    what is the stairway to the moon??!


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