Sunday, March 21, 2010

Woodstock yo!

The other weekend D and I went to Woodstock party. We hadn't organised any costumes and had 2 hrs to pull something together. We went to a local salvos and found a vest for D and then went to savers and found nothing. apart from a snazzy wedding dress. YES I DID TAKE A PHOTO. hahahha. i sent it to Ds mum. Im not sure if she found it funny. I did. Oh well.
I just decided to upload it to share. hhaha. i love old wedding dresses
( next dress up party i am going as zombie bride FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, then we went to Diva to look for peace sign necklaces and some sort of headband thing that would resemble 1969 woodstock.
I wanted to wear a daisy chain headband but where the hell do you find daisy flowers these days? I used to see them all the time as a kid but now i never see them..weird huh? NO? okay not weird.

Anyway, here is me with red eye. nice yeh? thanks camera for the red eye. great
please note you couldn't see the singlet underneath. its just the camera flash made my top kinda see through.

Lots of pizzas in one places makes me excited so i took a photo.

Beer and pizza yay!
Yummmyyyyyyy nom nom nomm.

I wore

top -Jens Pirate Booty
jeggings - topshop hahahah jeggings!! JEGGINGS! Dont worry I wont wear them again.
bag - witchery
headband - diva
ring - diva
shoes - you can hardly see them but - market in santorini, greece

here is D and he is wearing all of my clothes apart from the vest. the fabo salvos vest. i wish u could see the lining. its a blue and red floral print.
he had an afro on earlier but my dad stole it.

Ds jeans are Tsubi ( back in from before Ksubi)
Top - I got this top from Cafe Del Mar in ibiza back in 2006.
Necklace - Diva
Scarf - My mums hand me down.

The party had NO woodstock music. I was pretty pissed off to say the least.
I felt it was like false advertising.
I was pretty pumped to hear some Creedence Clearwater Revival.
I love them a lot.

Anyway, here is my little pumpkin. You can tell she's like " Put me the eff down biatch"
hahaha. She is a snooty little thing sometimes. She needs to understand if she is being cute a photo is in order.
YAY i love her. She needs to go on a diet. Chubba Chihuahua isn't great.

That is the end of my postttttttttt.
I have to now go do some EXCITING ironing.
Its just like normal ironing but I listen to music and try tell myself its exciting.
You guys should try it.
Some times I mix it up and listen to podcasts.
Usually the John Safran and Father Bob one.
Its good.
I like them.



  1. he darl! you look great, even dressed as a hippie. re the shoes: they're very light on the foot, i think they might be cork covered with suede. the chanel sunnies took me forever to find, they were sold out the minute they got to the chanel boutique and I couldn't find a pair on ebay for maybe a year, and the accidentally stumbled on a lady from melbourne who was selling them with receipt and tags etc. fought off about 5 other people in a bidding war but finally got my grubby paws on them! :)

  2. No Woodstock music at a Woodstock party? That's outrageous. Love the headband. I think it was a good substitute for a daisy chain headband. It's a bit more in your face so everyone would've been like wooaaah flower child coming this way. Have fun ironing! (I'm undecided as to whether I am being sincere or sarcastic here). Either way I applaud your determination. I'm currently avoiding doing my own. Although I don't think I can ignore it much longer because it's taking up half my room. Dammit.

  3. Sooooo cute!!!!

    Re to where the indian restaurant Mela is in Perth.
    It is 428 William St, Northbridge.
    It is absolutely delicious!!!


  4. The wedding dress from the salvos made me LAUGH ahaha I hope D's mum found it funny!
    Your outfit looks awesome, too bad they didnt have woodstock music!
    Thanks for sharing these photos and your doggy is soooo CUTE! :)

  5. oooooooo pizza! love your outfit! the top is really pretty and so is that headband. cute poochie too!

    ps. gave you an award on my blog. do check it out! (:

  6. Looks as though you were having fun at the Woodstock party...! Am disappointed for you about the music though. Very. Especially as 'back in those days' the music was TOP NOTCH... (showing my age here!) Great outfits... x

  7. fun!!!! i love dress up parties!! and woodstock - awesome! you look so cute. love the wedding dress - ha! there are some shockers in savers thats for sure xxx

  8. Cotton your clothes are so comfortable hahaha.

    Ok ok Im not a cross dresser, but you have to admit that there was allot of hippie style clothing in your collection.

    It should be noted the underwear was my own! Just saying in case anybody misunderstood. WHAT!!!!
    (I have a rep to keep up, it may not be a good rep but its still a rep!!!)

  9. OREBOY - Are you glad I left out that you were wearing my high heels? HAHA just kidding. you werent.

    thanks anya for the deets!! what an awesome find! i will keep my eyes open!

    im glad everyone agrees about the music. it was an outrage.
    one might say that whomevers bday it is can choose the music. but then one might change the ipod at all parties. HA. who me?! maybe.

  10. You both looks amazing, dissapointed that D didn't get to wear the afro!!!

    I think its time to have that OP shop pub crawl

  11. Credence Clearwater Revival rocks my world.

  12. You kids look cute as buttons! I LOVE Creedance. It reminds me so much of this time in my life when I was in love with this guy called Ian who listened to them all the time..."Missisippi Moon won't you keep on shining..." Funny that D is wearing your clobber.

  13. Hi Cotton:)
    That looks like a lot of fun...
    but the music...that´s bad....

    How about some Led Zeppelin at least...:)
    Have a good day - SP

  14. pizza + beer = massive nom

    i love dress up parties. and rading salvos for all things weird and wonderful - you never ever know what youre going to find.

    your headband's awesome. xx

  15. This looks like heaps of fun! Cute that your fiance is wearing your clothes. I am trying to look at his avatar to see whether I have seen him around K-Town, but I don't think so. I like his Baby Milo + Spongebob tee, though.


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