Wednesday, March 10, 2010


You may call me the poor mans Fashion Toast.

First things first,
How rubbish was the episode of Gossip Girl today? I was looking forward to its return for months and the episode was so boring and zuhhh! Let's hope next week is better.

I feel better today because I got my regrowth done. It makes me feel about a zillion times better.
Regrowth gets my spirits down.
Tomorrow I'm getting my nails done and then I will feel a zillion trillian times better.

Okay back to the blog post.
D and I had sushi for dinner and on the way we took these photos.
How model wannabe lame do they look? I am cringing at myself.
It was soooooooo damn windy I was getting so cranky and didn't want to take a photo because the wind kept pushing my hair all crazy in my face.
D told me to "work with it" hahahah that made me even angrier.
we snapped these pics and then I ate about 80 pieces of sushi. I think I put on 2kg in K Town.
The food options are limited to pizza, cream pasta, cream risotto, scones, fries.
Sushi was the healthiest but I can only eat it like once or twice a week. It's not my fav food.

Okay back to the post again, I go off topic easily.
I love the red earth....

I miss the outbackkkkkkk....

Oh and my fabu harem pants are from a hippy shop. I dunno the name but I think all those hippy/bali shops sell the same shiz dont they? These ones are elastic at the bottom which makes me happy. You can't really see in these photos because I'm too short. Boo.

In this photo I put my hand on my hip to try and look thinner.

Close up.
Louis Vuitton scarf ( I think I am going to wear this everyday this year)
Hermes Collier De Chien cuff

I saw on the Hermes website they have new colours in.
I am tempted.
Need to get Net Nanny on my computer and block the Hermes website.

I loved the cool weather in Melbourne today. It was crazy hot in Karrachi so it was nice to have a change.
I had my first real coffee in two weeks two which tasted like the BEST COFFEE EVER.
Nothing beats your usual coffee place yeah?
I'm getting excited about my morning coffee tomorrow.
Every day MUST MUST MUST start with a stop at my local coffee spot.

Now I must go and catch up on your blogs!
Adios Amigos! :)


  1. great to see you having fun!

    harem pants are "da bomb" cos they're so darn comfy aye? who cares if some hate it. bleh!

    love the scarf and bangle too! prettttyyyyyy. me likey alot.

  2. Haven't watched the latest ep of GG yet, but boo to it being boring. I've also recently discovered the joys of harem pants. Especially silk ones. So so comfy. Also, that scarf is fantastic - leopard print it always a winner in my books :)

  3. LOVE your photos. you're hilarious!!! xx

  4. Which season of GG, I know we are behind here, I find it much better to get someone to download it for me.

    The scarf looks brilliant and so do you ladybug, as always.

  5. oooOOooo Is your house ok???

  6. Gorge scarf, of course you have to wear it every day!
    The blanket on my bed is actually from *drum roll* IKEA! I instantly fell in love, talk about Missoni on a budget hey? My brown-green is from last season, I think they have purple in now. Have a look.
    Love the hand on the hips trick. I do it all the time, haha!

  7. The red earth is a gorgeous background. And being asked to "work it" is always a cringeworthy moment isn't it! :P

  8. Love that scarf. Thought of you recently when I got my mitts on a Missoni scarf. They are Killer.

  9. haha, so cute. love the colour of the earth here, never see anything like that up here! the scarf is fantastic - just the right amount of animal print for any outfit.


  10. Oh, you are/were back in K-Town. I have not seen you around, though I always keep an eye out. On a purely practical note, where have you managed to find risotto? Does it come in a non-creamy version? How are you keeping the Pilbara Face at bay, do you have a fantastic sunscreen product that I don't know about?

  11. Goooorgeous scarf! Love leopard print.

  12. Hey Mez,
    You wouldn't even know there was a hail storm at my place! So weird huh? Lucky I guess! thanks for asking! :-)

    Flit About -
    Thanks for letting me know it was IKEA! I think i saw a coloured one there once!! I am going to pray to find a black and white one!!

    FF -
    It makes me so happy that missoni reminds someone of me. I heart missoni very much.
    i wish it was cheaper. Its so ridiculous expensive.
    Cant wait to see the missoni scarf. coming to yer blog now for updates.

  13. shananigansofcaelestrasz

    I am coming to your blog to comment you because we have a lot to discuss.


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